Introduction to China Economic Observer


Feng LU [1]

As a response to the surging demand for understanding China's economy, “CCER China Economic Observer” (CEO in short) was launched at the end of April 2005 by the China Center for Economic Research (CCER in short) at Beijing University. This is the second quarterly conference organized by the program.

There are three fields that CEO will pay particular attention to. The first one covers the macroeconomic issues and policies, including forecasts of macroeconomic variables for the next quarter or year. The second relates observation of supply of and demand for bulk commodities such as petroleum, steel, grain, etc in the Chinese domestic and international market. At present, China is consuming more and more of these natural resources. The third field focuses on the institutional and policy reforms that relate to the investment environment.

CEO aims to organize several activities on a regular basis. First, a quarterly conference will be held to observe and discuss the selected issues concerning the three subjects mentioned above. Second, a hard-copy report and electronic magazine summarizing the information of the quarterly conference will be edited and circulated to subscribers. Thirdly, CEO invites other economic institutions to participate in a program in which regular projections on selected macroeconomic variables made by these institutions will be pooled together, and some forms of synthesized projections will eventually reported as “Lang Run Projections” through a procedure further discussed and agreed with by all participants. Now 15 institutions have agreed to join the activity.

[1] Professor in Economics, the China Center for Economic Research at Peking University


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