Xiaobei GUO: Transport Infrastructure Construction and Economic Growth

 date:2010-4-11 9:37:00          

Transport Infrastructure Construction and Economic Growth

Xiaobei GUO

Director of the Institute of ComprehensiveTransportation

National Development and Reform Commission

Guo elaborated on three aspects concerning the relationship between transport infrastructure construction and economic growth.

Firstthe idea of “a comprehensive transportation system” is discussed. The comprehensive transportation system is formed on basis of different modes of transport, in a way that fully considers their respective technical and economic characteristics. The goal of the system is to maintain sustainable development of transportation and benefit the overall economy.

Second, he briefly reviews the development of transportation in China since 1949. The first 30 years witnessed rapid increases in the operating mileage of railway, highway and inland waterways. The traffic network was also significantly improved. Since 1980s, some fundamental changes took place. The chronic lack of transport capacity was relieved, and the transport demand gradually upgraded for more quality. In the recent decade, considerable growth in transport infrastructure is believed to have fulfilled the demand of China's economic and social development. China's transportation system is now entering a new stage of development, when it will become increasingly relevant to enhance the role of transport infrastructure construction in leading the urban and industrial development.

Third, the economic crisis provides a good time to accelerate the transport infrastructure construction. Investment in transport infrastructure facilities is typically large and comprehensive with long building cycle. During the 1998 and the recent economic crises, China boosted its transport infrastructure investment and achieved dual effects. In the short term, the economy was stimulated; in the long term, the transport supply capacity was enhanced.

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