Special Topics on Chinese Economy

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Justin Yifu Lin, Fang Cai, Zhou Li: The China Miracle: Development Strategy and Economic Reform, Enlarged Edition, Shanghai People Publishing House, 1999 (Teaching Material)

Yifu Lin: System and Technology in the Development of Chinese Agriculture, Shanghai People Publishing House, 1994

Yifu Lin: Discussion with Teacher Lin --- On the Strategy of China's Economic Development, Peking University Press, 2005

Yifu Lin: Discussion with Teacher Lin --- On the Methodology of Economics, Peking University Press, 2005

Yifu Lin, Fang Cai: China's Economy, China Financial & Economic Publishing House, 2003

Teaching Contents:

This course will summarize successful experience and lessons of failing with economic development and reform in China and other countries and districts and put forward a general theory of economic development and transition. Based on this theory, we can analyze the achievements, major economic and social problems in the China's economic development and reform. In addition, we will also investigate the reasons and find out the solutions.

Structure of the Course:

1.       Prospects for China''s Economic Development and major Problems in the Development

2.       The Needham Puzzle and China's historic Ups and Downs

3.       Forging Ahead Strategy and Traditional Planned Economy System

4.       The Cooperative Movement and China's Agriculture Development

5.       China''s Economic Development prior to the Reform

6.       Comparative Advantage Strategy and China's Economy

7.        Achievements and Problems in the rural Reform

8.       Achievements and Problems in the urban Reform

9.       Reform of State-owned Enterprises and Finance

10.   Lessons of Experience of China's Economic Reform

11.   Hotspot Issues in recent China's Economy

12.   Review

Course Objectives:

In this course, our discussion includes:

1.       What are the key features of Imperial China's bureaucratic governance structure?

2.       How to characterize the Chinese economic conditions between 1820 and 1949? Agriculture? Industry? Trade? Other aspects?

3.       Given China's high level of development in ancient times, why do you think industrial revolution did not occur in China?

4.       How to characterize China's economic conditions at the time when P.R.C. was established?

5.       Why did the Chinese government choose heavy industry as their priority of development in the 1950s?

6.       What specific measures did the Chinese government take to set up the centrally‐planned economic system?

7.       What are the short‐term and long‐term consequences of such a system?



Regular attendance, participation, 4 Written Discussions (Essay): 20%

Mid –Term Test: 30%

Final Test: 50%

Credits & Workload:

2 Credits & 2 hours per Week (teaching); 15 Weeks, 30 hours (teaching)

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