Caijing Scholarship Application Procedures


Goal of the Caijing Scholarship -- to provide an opportunity for exceptional individuals in the field of media to improve and expand their abilities.

Qualification and Requirements
--Must be under 35 years of age, be involved in reporting of financial issues
--Must have a BA or above and 2 years of relevant work experience
--Must have an excellent grasp of both English and Chinese
--Must guarrantee that after completing the course, the individual will return to his/her place of work and continue work in news media

Application Procedures
Application Materials:
--Personal CV or Resume (including a copy of proof of highest level of education and    foreign language certification) (1 copy)
--A short introduction of the applicant''''s reporting work or ecnomic study
--A plan for personal development in attending the training program
--Copies of three (3) media productions (including editing work, video or audio recorings, etc.) It is also possible to submit works that have yet to be published, but such works must be the applicant''''s own creation.
--Editors must provide specific information on organization of interviews and the public reaction to media reports.
--Journalists must provide specific information on interviews and the public reaction to their media reports.
Note: The committee reserves the right to request original versions of any submitted material.
--A letter of consention by the applicant''''s current employer agreeing to attendance of this training session.
--Two letters of recommendation (academic recommenations should be made by full professors or above; admistrative recommendations should be made by persons at the Bureau level or above; recommendations by members of the media should be made by a senior-editor or above)

Costs covered by the Scholarship:
All tuition fees, round trip transportation (by train), accommodation and living expenses.

Application period:
November-February prior to enrollment (contact for specific dates)


Special notes:
Send all materials to the Caijing Editing Department, writing "Caijing Scholarship" on the envelope.

Address: 22 Chaowai Dajie, Fanli Dasha 10F, Beijing 100020

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