James Heckman

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Henry Schultz Distinguished Service Professor of Economics

University of Chicago


Research Interests

Econometrics, Labor Market Analysis, Public Policy Analysis


Education Background

1965, B.A. (Math) Colorado College (summa cum laude)

1968, M.A. (Econ) Princeton University

1971, Ph.D. (Econ) Princeton University



1973-present, Henry Schultz Distinguished Service Professor of Economics at the University of Chicago

2004-present, Distinguished Chair of Microeconometrics, University College, London

2006-present, Professor of Science and Society, University College, Dublin

2000, Nobel Memorial Prize in Economics

2005-Present Chang Jiang Scholar, China Center for Economic Research, Peking University


Books Published

(1)   Longitudinal Analysis of Labor Market Data, Burton Singer (ed), Cambridge: Cambridge Uni-versity Press, 1985.

(2)   Handbook of Econometrics, Vol 5 (with E. L. Leamer), New York: North-Holland, 2001.

(3)   Inequality in America:  What Role for Human Capital Policy?, J. Heckman and A. Krueger, eds., Cambridge, MA: MIT Press, 2003.

(4)   Law and Employment: Lessons From Latin America and the Caribbean (with C. Pages), Uni-versity of Chicago Press, For NBER, 2004.

(5)   Handbook of Econometrics, Vol 6A (with E. L. Leamer). Amsterdam: North-Holland, 2007.

(6)   Handbook of Econometrics, Vol 6B (with E. L. Leamer). Amsterdam: North-Holland, 2007.

(7)   Global Perspectives on the Rule of Law, (with R. Nelson and L. Cabatingan). New York: Rout-ledge, 2010.

(8)   Testing the Test: What the GED Reveals and Conceals, (with J.E. Humphries, P. LaFontaine,and N. Mader) Under preparation, Chicago: University of Chicago Press, 2010.


Resent Research Papers

(1)    “Lab Experiments are a Major Source of Knowledge in the Social Sciences,” (with A. Falk), Science, 326(5952): 535-538, (2009).

(2)   “A Note on Adapting Propensity Score Matching and Selection Models to Choice Based Samples,” (with P. Todd). Econometric Journal, 12(Supplement): S230S234, (2009).

(3)   “Evaluating Marginal Policy Changes and the Average Effect of Treatment for Individuals at the Margin,” (with P. Carneiro and E. Vytlacil), Econometrica, 78(1): 377-394, (2009).

(4)   “The Viability of the Welfare State,” in Global Perspectives on the Rule of Law, J. Heckman, R. Nelson and L. Cabatingan, eds. New York: Routledge, 2010. pp. 93-117.

(5)   “The Rate of the Return to the High/Scope Perry Preschool Program,” (with S. H. Moon, R. Pinto, P. A. Savelyev, A. Yavitz). Journal of Public Economics, 94: 114-128, (2010).

(6)   “The American High School Graduation Rate:  Trends and Levels,” (with P. LaFontaine). Review of Economics and Statistics, 92(2): 244-262, (2010).

(7)   “Comparing IV With Structural Models: What Simple IV Can and Cannot Identify,” (with S. Urzua). Journal of Econometrics, 156(1), 27-37, (2010).

(8)   “Instrumental Variables in Models with Multiple Outcomes: The General Unordered Case,” (with S. Urzua and E. Vytlacil).  Forthcoming, Les Annales d’Economie et de Statistique, (2010).

(9)   “Estimating the Technology of Cognitive and Noncognitive Skill Formation,” (with F. Cunha and S. Schennach). Forthcoming, Econometrica, (2010).

(10) “The Effect of Prayer on God’s Attitude Toward Mankind,” Forthcoming, Economic Inquiry, (2010).

(11) “Nonparametric Identification of Nonadditive Hedonic Models,” (with R.M. Matzkin and L. Nesheim), May 2002. Revised, April, 2009. Forthcoming, Econometrica, (2010).

(12) “Estimating Marginal Returns to Education,” (with P. Carneiro, and E. Vytlacil), Forthcoming, American Economic Review, (2010).

(13) “Testing the Correlated Random Coefficient Model,” (with D. Schmierer and S. Urzua). Forthcoming, Journal of Econometrics, (2010).


More papers please see http://jenni.uchicago.edu/home_page/vitae.pdf


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