Fundraising Plan for the National School of Development

 date:2010-12-30 11:42:00          

The establishment of the National School of Development at Peking University in October 2008 marked a new start of the interdisciplinary research on humanities and social sciences at Peking University.
The National School of Development at Peking University is a scientific research and educational institution newly established on the basis of the prestigious China Center for Economic Research(CCER). Since establishment, CCER has made tremendous contributions to the economics study and education in China, and brought forth well-known scholars like Yifu Lin, Yi Gang,Hai Wen, Weiying Zhang, Neng Liang, etc, and officials in government and international organizations.
On this basis, NSD will devote itself to pushing forward the comprehensive study of the social sciences in China; to making a meaningful attempt to organize cross-disciplinary research; and to grooming well-rounded talents to serve the national reform and development. To achieve our goals, we need more individuals and resources to support us. We sincerely invite businesses, organizations and individuals who share our vision to join us in this great event. The fundraising plan for the NSD is as follows:

■ The NSD Chair Professorship Program

■The NSD Scholarship Program
■ The NSD Lecture Series/Forum Program

■ The NSD Publication Program

■Program for Expansion of the NSD Chengze-Yuan Campus

Apart from the plans above, the NSD also welcomes and appreciates other donation suggestion from our constituency, and will be ready to contrive relevant donation programs in accordance with your inclination.

Contact Information for Sponsors:
Xi Chen Ms China Center for Economic Research, Peking University
Beijing 100871, China
Tel: 86-10-6275-7375
Fax: 86-10-6275-1474

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