The NSD Chair Professorship Program

 date:2010-12-30 14:58:00          
The NSD has a mission of building a first-class educational research team.We have decided to establish the Chair Professorship Fund, inviting professors from around the world to join our ranks, fanning the flames of scholarship and opening doors to new possibilities.
We would like to invite business, organizations and individuals to aid in funding this undertaking. There are two ways in which you can support our endeavor:

Permanent Chair Professor
For donations in the amount of 15 million Yuan and up, a permanent chair professorship will be established in an appropriate field and be named according to the wishes of the donating party.

Limited-Term Chair Professor
For donations of 3 million Yuan and up, the School will establish a chair professorship for a period of six years, the title of which will be fixed according to the wishes of the donating party.

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