The NSD Scholarship Program

 date:2010-12-30 14:59:00          
China is currently experiencing economic and social transforms at breakneck speed, offering researchers and entrepreneurs with a singular opportunity. The great revival of China requires its social science researchers to be established in domestic affairs while open up to global perspectives. In order to build a prestigious think tank, social sciences in China need to promote innovations of disciplinary systems, academic perspectives and research methods.|

Considering China’s rising status in the world, it may be in China that these new influential authorities may come forth.

Each donation will fund a specific scholarship. The scholarship will be named and the conditions of awarding set according to the wishes of the donating party. A dedicated committee will also be established for the administration of the scholarship. We sincerely invite businesses, organizations and individuals to create scholarships that will provide opportunities for these “stars of tomorrow.” While the amount of donations may differ, the value of their spirit is felt the same.
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