Program for Expansion of the NSD Chengze-Yuan Campus

 date:2010-12-30 15:03:00          

Founded in 1725, Chengze-yuan, one of the gardens of Yuanming-yuan, used to be the residence garden of Infante Guo, Yunli, the seventeenth-son of Emperor Kangxi. As a genuinely ancient garden with a history of nearly three hundred years, Chengze-yuan has still preserved its main building despite the tremendous marauds and damage it went through.

A first-class project calls for first-class facilities. To better adapt to the development of scientific research and educational projects of NSD , to reach our goal of becoming a world-class institution and set the foundation for future development, the NSD is planning further expansion of Chengze-yuan. Based on the architectures in existence, the expansion of Chengze-yuan will spread out in conformity to its relics.

We would like to invite all those who share our vision to participate in this great project. The expansion of Chengze-yuan will facilitate the future development of the NSD, constructing a first-class research institution as well as return the gardens to their former glory, writing a new page in history.

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