CEJ Volume 6, Issue 2-3, 2013

 date:2014-3-17 11:28:00          

Table of Content

Introduction to special issue on assessing quality of Chinese statistics

Yiping Huang
pages 59-62


Understanding China’s official statistics

Xianchun Xu


How fast has Chinese industry grown? – The upward bias hypothesis revisited

Harry X. Wu
pages 80-102


Debunking the myth about China’s low consumption

Jun Zhang & Tian Zhu


How large is income inequality in China: assessment on different estimates of Gini coefficient

Ximing Yue, Shi Li & Xia Gao
pages 113-122


Demystify the labor statistics in China

Fang Cai, Yang Du & Meiyan Wang
pages 123-133


Clarification of misled statistic data: overestimated per-capita housing area

Xin Li & Dianqing Xu


How big is the Chinese Government debt?

Jian Chang, Lingxiu Yang & Yiping Huang
pages 152-171

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