[June 25- 28]The Sixteenth NBER-CCER Conference on China and the World Economy

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June 26-June 28, 2014 

CCER, Peking University





The Sixteenth NBER-CCER Conference on China and the World Economy

Time: June 25-June 28, 2014

Venue: CCER, Peking University

June 25 (Wednesday)

6:30 pm NBER participants and companions meet in the hotel lobby

7:00 pm Reception at the CCER

June 26 (Thursday)

8:45 – 8:50am: Opening remarks

Yang Yao (CCER), Shang-Jin Wei (NBER), Chong-En Bai (Tsinghua)

8:50-9:50am: China and the global economy

Chair: Chair: Yang Yao (CCER)

Justin Lin (CCER): China and the World Economy

Rene Stulz (Ohio State and NBER): Bank Performance during a Crisis.

9:50 – 10:15am:  Group photo and Coffee/tea break

10:15am-11:15am: Financial Market

Chair:  Pol Antras (Harvard University and NBER)

Joshua Aizenman (NBER and USC): Real Estate Valuation in the Open Economy

Yiping Huang (CCER): Ownership and Credit Rationing in China

11:15 – 12:45: Intergenerational mobility

Chair: Justin Lin (CCER)

Nathaniel Hendren (Harvard University and NBER): Intergenerational Mobility in the United States: Lessons from the Equality of Opportunity Project

Chih Ming Tan (University of Dakota), Zhibo Tan (CCER), and Xiaobo Zhang (CCER): Sins of the Father: The Intergenerational Legacy of the 1959-61 Great Chinese Famine on Children’s Cognitive Development

Xiaoyan Lei (CCER): Intergenerational Mobility in Education: Evidence from CHARLS.

12:45– 2 pm: Lunch

2:00-3:30 pm Trade

Chair: Rene Stulz (Ohio State and NBER)

Pol Antras (Harvard University and NBER): Contract Theory and Global Value Chains

Shang-Jin Wei (Columbia University and NBER): Sizing up Market Failures in Export Pioneering Activities

Miaojie Yu (CCER): Multiproduct Firms, Export Product Scope, and Trade Liberalization: The Role of Managerial Efficiency

3:30 -4 pm Coffee/tea break

4 – 5:30 pm: International finance I

Chair: Yiping Huang (CCER)

Menzie Chinn (Wisconsin, Madison and NBER): The Trilemma and Reserves: Measurement and Policy Implications  

Yang Yao (CCER): Growth Differentials, the Life-Cycle Hypothesis and the Allocation Puzzle

Jianguo Xu (CCER): China A-share Stock Valuation: Fundamental Risk and Speculation premium

7:00 pm:  Dinner hosted by the CCER

Keynote speech by YI Gang, Deputy Governor of China Central Bank (TBC)

Chair:  Yang Yao (NSD Peking University)

June 27 (Friday)

8:30 – 9:30 am International finance II

Chair: Chong-en Bai

Pierre-Olivier Gourinchas (UC Berkeley and NBER): Global Safe Assets

JU Jiandong (Tsinghua), Justin Lin (CCER), LIU Qing (Tsinghua), and SHI Kang (Tsinghua): A Dynamic Structural Analysis of Real Exchange Rate and Current Account Imbalances: Theory and Evidences from China

9:30-9:45 am Coffee/tea break

9:45 –11:15 am: Policy and market

Chair: Rene Stultz (NBER and Ohio State University)

Bruce Weinberg (Ohio State and NBER): Strengthening Scientific Performance: Lessons and Benefits

Li Jin (Peking University and Oxford University): The Effect of Political Career Concerns on Media Slant and Market Return: Evidence from China

BAI Chong-en (Tsinghua), LIU Qing (Tsinghua) and YAO Wen (Tsinghua): Distortions to the Capital Market and their Implications on the Economic Structure: the Case of China


11:15 am – 12:00 pm: Lunch

Afternoon: Trip to the Great Wall (Simatai)

Bus leaves from CCER at 12:00 pm and from Lakeview Hotel at 12:30 pm

Casual dinner at/near the Great Wall

June 28 (Saturday)


8:45 am NBER participants check out the Lakeview Hotel (optional)

9:00-10:30 am: Retirement

Chair: Xiaobo Zhang (CCER)

Alan L. Gustman (Dartmouth and NBER): Pensions, Social Security and Retirement

Yaohui Zhao (CCER): Working After Processing Retirement: Evidence from CHARLS

Bo Zhao (CCER): Too Poor to Retire? House prices and Retirement

10:30-10:45 Coffee/tea break

10:45am-12:15 pm: College education

Chair: Menzie Chinn (Wisconsin and NBER)

Bridget T. Long (Harvard University and NBER): Making College Education Accessible to Disadvantaged Students (1)

Susan Dynarski (Michigan and NBER): Making College Education Accessible to Disadvantaged Students (2)”

Hongbin Li (Tsinghua): China’s College Education

12:15-12:20 Concluding remarks

12:20-1:30 pm: Lunch (Open to Alumni)

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