Inaugural Meeting of International Consortium of China studies (ICCS) at Peking University’s National School of Development

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As China’s economy continues to grow, so too does the need for research on China issues. To promote knowledge and information sharing on the subject, Peking University’s National School of Development proposed the creation of the International Consortium of China Studies (ICCS). By means of an annual meeting, the ICCS provides the platform for international organisations focusing on Chinese Studies to come discuss the subject. Economics, Politics, Social Studies, Law and International Relations are disciplines included under the scope of the ICCs. Founding members of the Consortium include organisations from Asia, Australia, Europe and North America.

Over the 20th and 21st April, the ICCS held its inaugural meeting at the National School of Development at Peking University’s Langrun Garden. Both Peking Unversity’s Dean Wang Enge and the NSD’s Dean Yao Yang each gave congratulatory speeches. The NSD’s honorary Dean, professor Justin Lin delivered a speech concerning new structural economics. The consortium’s representatives and scholars also participated in forums during the meeting. The meeting was presided over by the NSD’s Vice-Dean, Professor Zhang Xiaobo.

Peking University Dean Wang Enge: the Creation of the ICCS is Essential as China’s Importance on the World Stage Grows

Mr Wang said: “over the last 20-30 years, the Chinese economy has undergone an enormous change and has become the world’s second largest economy. In coming years, China’s economy will have a direct effect on the world economy and China’s rapid growth has become an important subject for scholars. Consequently, there is a need to research China’s practice and to combine the latest phenomena to bring forth new developments in theory. 

Over the years, the NSD has been committed to researching Chinese studies, therefore the establishment of the Consortium is significant indeed.
I am very happy that the NSD has the opportunity to host this meeting alongside its own 20th Anniversary. A long journey begins with the first step – I give my best wishes to the success of the meeting and to the future of the ICCS!”


Peking University National School of Development Dean Yao Yang: Promoting theoretical research with the ICCS Platform

As Mr. Wang mentioned, the NSD is celebrating its 20th Anniversary. China is now playing an important role on the world stage and the NSD is honored to have many international universities’ economists, scientists and professors attending. We hope that the ICCS will promote the exchange of ideas and development of new theories.


NSD Honorary Dean Justin Lin: Revisiting industrial Policy from a New Structural Economics Perspective

Justin Lin believes modern economic growth is the process of ever-changing technology, industry, hard and soft infrastructure. In order for an economy to realize structural change and rapid, sustainable growth, the choice of industrial policy is vital. Many economies’ industrial policy fails simply because industries supported by their governments do not work to their comparative advantage. A successful industrial policy must focus on developing those industries that have a comparative advantage. Mr. Lin also introduced how governments can support the development of those industries with such comparative advantage.


The inaugural meeting was held over two days – attendees explored issues such asindustrial policy, governance, human capital, inequality of wealth, financial policy, political economy, social change and the current and future issues related to China. The ICCS is planned to meet on a rolling basis of one year in China, then one year in another members’ country.


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