Institute of South-South Cooperation and Development Class of 2018 Commencement Ceremony

 date:2018-10-24 10:39:00          


21th September 2018 - The class of 2018 commencement ceremony of the Institute of South-South Cooperation and Development, was held in Wan-Zhong building, Lang-Run Garden. The ceremony was graced by Mr Wang Xiao Tao, head of the China International Development Cooperation Agency, where he delivered a speech. Also attended were Mr Lin Jian Hua, President of Peking University and Mr Lin Yi Fu, Dean of Institute of South-South Cooperation and Development. The ceremony was conducted by Executive President Mr Yao Yang.



Mr Wang Xiao Tao, head of the China International Development Cooperation Agency extended his greetings to the class of 2018 of the Institute of South-South Cooperation and Development. In his speech, he called upon the Institute of South-South to undertake promotion of south-south cooperation as its own responsibility, so as to achieve the goal in encouraging common global development, as well as to commit into the practices of transparency, knowledge sharing, pragmatic training, exchanges and mutual learnings. He expressed his hope that students in Institute of South-South would appreciate their good time in campus, and cherish their relationships established among lecturers and fellow students. They should also adopt attitudes and characters that embody the notion of “developing understanding in good faith, and agree to disagree”, in order to strengthen harmony, and to encourage selfless sharing. They should strive to materialise the expectations of Mr Xi Jin Ping, President of People’s Republic of China, as penned in his letter addressing the first batch of graduates from Institute of South-South – to commit in useful application of what they had learned, and subsequently become experts in their respective fields, so as to be able to compose a new chapter in South-South cooperation promotional efforts.

President of Peking University, Mr Lin Jian Hua revisited China’s history in his speech. He acknowledges Peking University as a modernized university which practices toleration, and is also a university that undertakes social responsibilities. On one hand, Peking University is committed in cultivating profound understanding on Western Culture among Chinese students, and at the same time is adamant in creating opportunities for people from all around the world to understand more on China’s culture and development. The Institute of South-South provided such opportunity. He (Lin Jian Hua) hoped that students can benefit from their time in Peking University, and will be able to put in useful application what they’ve learned back in their home countries. It is also his hope that the education they’ve received from Peking University be fruitful, through co-operation and hard work from all communities.

Among the freshman from class of 2018, is Mr Legesse Tulu Adra, the deputy dean of Federal Meles Zenawi Leadership Academy, Ethiopia. Mr Legesse expressed his excitement and his determination in learning during the ceremony. First, he thanked the Chinese Government, Peking University, and the Institute of South-South for providing valuable learning opportunities to developing countries. He expressed from his heart sincerely, that many developing countries shall benefit from President Xi Jin Ping’s “Belt and Road” initiative, as southern countries can only attain consensus and common development through open and global engagements (exchange). He believes that freedom of thought and ‘toleration through understanding’ are the spirits and features of Peking University, where experts and academics from various fields congregate. Their wisdom and knowledge shall allow students from the Institute of South-South to integrate actual situation and problems of their home countries, together with what they’ve learnt, and later to develop promotional strategies for their country’s progression.

Professor Lin Yi Fu, Dean of Institute of South-South delivered the closing speech in the ceremony. He reminded the students of the Institute of South-South of their privileges, and thus shall assume the responsibility to promote industrialization and modernization back in their home countries. He explained that in the past, while every developing country dreamed of attaining prosperity, very few actually managed to materialize such dream, reason being that countries with slow growth rate were applying ‘theories on economic growth’ conceived by advance countries. These theories were founded on specific premises and precedent conditions, and were not suitable to be applied in developing nations. In contrary, China being a developing country itself, accumulated lessons and experiences from 40 years of reform, that are more relevant to be applied, absorbed, and emulated by developing countries from the same development status. Dr. Lin Yi Fu hoped that students in the Institute of South-South would make good on their time spent together, to tap on each other’s knowledge and experience on progression, as well as to explore together the ways of economic progress, so as to materialize the noble goal of attaining common prosperity.

Towards the end of the ceremony, Executive President of the Institute of South-South MrDr. Yao Yang mentioned to the crowd, that in near future, students shall have the opportunity to visit Shen Zhen, which is the “outpost” of China’s open and reform policy, and at the same time enter into the heart land of China, which will allow them to experience and learn more on successful cases in eradicating poverty. Apart from academic curriculum, students can also experience Peking University’s rich and colourful culture, where they shall develop an unforgettable and beautiful memory during their studies in the Institute of South-South.


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