Keynote speech by Professor Chen Chunhua, in conjunction with the launching of her monograph titled “The Way To Take The Lead”

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19th October 2018 (Time/Date of Los Angeles, US) – The fourth Nishan International Forum was held at the Huntington Library of Los Angeles US, organized by Shandong Publishing Group, and supported by the National Development School of Peking University.

This forum is an event aimed at promoting Sino-US cultural exchange. The theme of this forum is “Culture and Management”, which seeks to discuss Sino-US enterprises managements, to understand better on deep cultural relationships between the East and West, to analyze impact of national culture and corporate culture towards enterprise management, and to explore communication channels among enterprises of different cultural background. Vice Consul General Zhuang Zhizhe of the Chinese Consulate General in Los Angeles, U.S. Congresswoman Judy May Chu, Honorary Dean of the Business School of Nanjing University Zhao Shuming, Head of the Business School of California State University, Head of California State University, Los Angeles, and Founder of the California Institute of Advanced Management and about 400 Chinese and Americans attended this event.

This year marks the 40th anniversary of China’s reform and opening up. In the past 40 years, enterprises of various backgrounds became the pillar of China’s economic growth and societal development. Chinese enterprises became more influential in the international community, and ‘Chinese enterprises management model’ began to garner international attention. Assessing “the way to take the lead” reflected by Chinese enterprises like Haier, Huawei and TCL etc., shall unlock the codes on Chinese Enterprises’ management, which then serves as important research guideline on Chinese management by academics; Spreading management experiences of Chinese enterprises to more international entrepreneurs and academics, refining theories on Chinese enterprises’ management, had since became important roles of Chinese academic institutions(such as the National School of Development, Peking University).

During this forum, Dean of BiMBA Business School of National School of Development of Peking University and “Wang Kuancheng Professorship” Professor, Chen Chunhua delivered an interesting talk on “Growth Model of Chinese Enterprises” to audiences comprised of Chinese and American politicians, businessmen and academicians, and elaborated at length the findings of her 30 years researches on first-tier Chinese enterprises – known as the “Success DNA” of leading Chinese enterprises.

Professor Chen Chunhua expressed her wish to see how her research works can provide better assistances to American entrepreneurs and academics in understanding key elements of successful Chinese enterprises’ development. At the same time, she noticed that in the era of internet, enterprises’ efficiencies are improved through collaborations and coordinations, instead of division of labour. During interactions with American entrepreneurs, Chen Chunhua further reemphasized the significance of researches on successful Chinese enterprises; so as to replicate successful experience, to revitalize organizations and individuals, and to help more entrepreneurs in achieving excellence. 

Another key activity of this forum, is the launching of the English version of Chen Chun Hua’s book “The Way To Take The Lead”. Peking University President Lin Jianhua, in recommending the book, mentioned “In the past 30 years, Professor Chen experienced and went through development transformation of leading Chinese enterprises, and paid special attention to profound changes happened to enterprises during the internet era. Her researches embodied solid theoretical foundation, and are also abreast with development trends, making them important sources of guidance for future development of enterprises”. 

It was reported earlier in 2006 that Chen Chunhua’s book “The Way To Take The Lead” (Chinese Version) had won the third place of the Fourth Ministry of Education Institutions of Higher Learnings award on Social Science, and is recognized by Chinese academics and business community as the ‘Chinese version of “Built To Last”’. The launching of “The Way To Take The Lead” (English Version) gained wide attention among academics from Higher learning Institutions and management institutions in the US. Under the patronage of Honorary Dean of the Business School of Nanjing University and Adjunct Professor of University of Southern California Marshall Business School Zhao Shuming, many American academics started participating in dialogues on ‘similarities and differences’ between Chinese and American ways and styles of enterprises management. Entrepreneurs who attended the forum raised many questions on “how to keep ahead on top in the internet era” etc., and other questions relevant to the practical aspects of enterprises to Chen Chunhua, as they were hoping to hear from the answering voice of an academic of a top Chinese management institution, from Peking University China. 

In recognition of Chen Chunhua and her team’s contribution towards promoting international cultural exchange, and the spreading of business management theories, Congresswoman Judy May Chu presented the Congressional Certificate of Recognition to Professor Chen Chunhua, Professor Zhao Shuming, Shandong Publishing Group Director Zhang Zhihua and President Yao Wenduan. 

This book launching event is a milestone on efforts to internationalize Chinese enterprises management theories to the world, and in expanding international influences of Peking University’s National School of Development. It also contributed greatly in promoting interactions among Sino-US entrepreneurs and academics.

 (Reported by Zhang Tong of Peking University’s National School of Development from the USA)

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