China Economic News     
 Fujian must seize African biz opportunities 2014-5-5 
 RMB to be global reserve currency by 2030: Economist 2014-5-5 
 China Daily :Top academic urges global currency 2014-2-12 
 Chinese consumer confidence remains strong amid financial crisis 2009-5-5 
 China´s PMI of manufacturing sector rises for 5th straight month 2009-5-4 
 China´s ICBC says profit rises 6.03% on fees, loan growth 2009-4-28 
 China GDP to grow by 8.3% in 2009, says CASS 2009-4-25 
 China warns enterprises against fiscal risks after CITIC Pacific scandal 2009-4-14 
 China sets plan for reducing unemployment in 2 years 2009-4-13 
 Chinese unemployment Where will all the students go? 2009-4-10 
 Events Forcast     
 【16July】Roundtable Seminar on “China's Reform and Opening-up: Progress, Prospects and Impacts on the East Asian Region” 2018-7-10 
 [June 16-17] 20th NBER-CCER Annual Conference 2017-6-12 
 【May 25】The 14th NSE International Development Forum 2017-5-24 
 【May 27】Careers at the World Bank Group 2017-5-24 
 Fourth Annual Meeting of the International Consortium for China Studies 2017-5-16 
 [May 24]Robert Barro:Safe Assets 2017-5-16 
 [Apr.25 ]The 12th NSE International Development Forum 2017-4-19 
 【Mar.21】The 11th NSE International Development Forum 2017-3-16 
 [December 20 ]NSD-EABER:China Overseas Direct Investment Workshop  2016-12-16 
 [10.19]Publishing with Cambridge University Press 2016-10-18 
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 NSD News     
 Prof. Zeng Yi Named Fellow of the World Academy of Sciences  2018-12-11 
 Yu Miaojie:US firms express optimism in China's import expo 2018-11-5 
 Keynote speech by Professor Chen Chunhua, in conjunction with the launching of her monograph titled “The Way To Take The Lead”  2018-11-2 
 The 16th Yan Fu Memorial Lecture in Economics held successfully 2018-11-2 
 Institute of South-South Cooperation and Development Class of 2018 Commencement Ceremony 2018-10-24 
 The Sunday Times:Trump threatens tariffs on all Chinese goods 2018-9-10 
 Announcement :Winner of the FEC Best Paper Award  2018-7-24 
 CHINA WEEKLY :Exporting Trade Turbulence 2018-7-24 
 News on publication of faculties at National School of Development 2018-7-12 
 MNI EXCLUSIVE: China Engages U.S. to Deescalate Trade War 2018-6-22 
 Head Line     
 NSD’s “China-U.S. Track II Economic Dialogue” and “National Development Forum” win the 2017 CTTI-BPA Grand Prize for Best Event 2018-5-28 
 PKU NSD’s Second China Development Forum Begins 2017-12-20 
 President Xi encourages graduates of China-championed institute to be leaders 2017-10-20 
 NSD Special Talk at PKU 2017-9-25 
 Bill Gates visits Peking University and has a face-to-face conversation with Justin Yifu Lin 2017-3-28 
 PKU National School of Development Voted ‘2016 Most Influential Think-Tank’ 2017-3-6 
 Grand Opening of the First National Development Forum of the National School of Development (NSD) at PKU 2016-12-22 
 National School of Development & Institute of Economics Academia Sinica Hold Eleventh ‘Cross-Strait Economic Development Seminar’  2016-12-9 
 Industrial Policy Seminar at the National School of Development at PKU Witnessed Marvelous Lin-Zhang Debate 2016-11-30 
 Peking University’s Institute of South-South Cooperation and Development launches 2016-9-18 
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