Events Forcast     
 [June 25- 28]The Sixteenth NBER-CCER Conference on China and the World Economy 2014-6-17 
 [June 19]Bob McDonald:Values Based Leadership 2014-6-13 
 [ May 7]Asia’s Regional Economic Outlook and Integration:Implications for China 2014-5-5 
 [April 20-21]Inaugural Meeting of International Consortium of China studies (ICCS) 2014-4-15 
 [April 18]Joint Workshop on New Phase of Chinese Reform and Growth 2014-4-15 
 [April 6th] Mr. Qusai Sarraf: Multi-Channel Innovation  2014-4-4 
 [March 29th] Workshop of “China’s Foreign Trade in the Global Economy” 2014-3-27 
 [March. 29th]Will the Renminbi Rival the Dollar? 2014-3-24 
 [March. 17th]Outside In: The Power of Putting Your Customers at the Center of Your Business  2014-3-12 
 [OCT,22]Seminar on International Economics  2013-10-22 
 CCER-NBER Annual Conference      
 The 16th NBER-CCER “China and the World Economy” Annual Meeting successfully held 2014-7-8 
 The Thirteenth NBER-CCER Conference on China and the World Economy 2011-6-22 
 The Tenth NBER-CCER Conference on China and the World Economy 2008-6-18 
 CCER-NBER Annual Meeting National Comprehensive Liability 2002-3-18 
 CCER-NBER Annual Meeting Inverstor Protection and Corporate Governance 2002-3-18 
 CCER-NBER Annual Meeting Social Security Pension Rerorm in China 2002-3-18 
 CCER-NBER Annual Meeting The World Bank´s Approach and the Right Approach to Pension Reform 2002-3-18 
 CCER-NBER Annual Meeting Financial Market Reform 2002-3-18 
 CCER-NBER Annual Meeting The Institutional Arrangements 2002-3-18 
 CCER-NBER Annual Meeting China’s Social Security Reforms: The Institutional Arrangements 2002-3-18 
 CCER China Economic Observer     
 Qiren Zhou:Institutional Policy Must be the Highest Priority 2008-11-5 
 Guoqing Song: Great Adjustment of Income and Wealth 2008-11-5 
 Xingdong Chen: How Much of China’s Growth Can Be Supported by Domestic Demand? 2008-11-5 
 Feng Lu: What wrong has Greenspan done? 2008-11-5 
 Haizhou Huang: Understanding the Global Financial Crisis 2008-11-5 
 Qiren Zhou: Right Choice of China’s Economic Policy 2008-8-20 
 Guoqing Song: Prices of Agricultural Products and Inflation 2008-8-20 
 Fangxiong Gong: Economic Uncertainty and Policy Risks 2008-8-20 
 Feng Lu: The Mirror Image of External Imbalance between China and US Economy 2008-8-20 
 Baohua Dong: Comparison between Chinese and Foreign Labor Laws and Implications 2008-8-20 
 China Economic Annual Conference Secretariat     
 The Eleventh China Economics Annual Conference (CEAC)  2011-4-13 
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