Events Forecast     
 [November 18]From Easterbrook to Daubert: Minimizing Judicial Errors in Antitrust Law 2009-11-16 
 Successful Global Investing – Entrepreneurship, Innovation, and Building Leading Global Companies 2009-11-14 
 The Great Depression and the Great Recession: Comparisons and Lessons 2009-11-12 
 A Year After the Crisis: What Have Global Financial Markets Learned and What´s the Road Ahead 2009-11-11 
 [October 21]On the Faustian Dynamics of Policy and Political Power 2009-10-20 
 [October 16]Rational Overconfidence and Social Security 2009-9-24 
 [September 30]The Optimality of Indirect Taxes 2009-9-24 
 [September 16] Early life exposure to the Chinese 1959-61 famine and adult health 2009-9-15 
 [June 18]Internationalization and Firm Heterogeneity: The happy few in Japan 2009-6-16 
 Is China different? A meta analysis of the effect of foreign direct investment on domestic firms 2009-5-29 
 Economic Seminar     
 Global Imbalance and the Crisis 2009-11-6 
 Panel:Public Session on the UN Commission of Reform of the Global Financial and Economic System 2009-10-28 
 [March7]The diversities of origin between Chinese and western ideology 2009-3-14 
 [March11]Export outsourcing: East Asian Middlemen-Manufacturers in a Triadic Concord 2009-3-10 
 [December19]Altruism, Favoritism, and Guilt in the Allocation of Family Resources 2008-12-19 
 [December18]Heterogeneity in the Strehler-Mildvan General Theory of Mortality and Aging 2008-12-15 
 [June18] The effect of childhood health on adult health and economic outcomes 2008-6-18 
 [Jun 4th] Competition between State-Owned Enterprises: Evidence from the Chinese Airline Industry 2008-6-3 
 2006 Lecture Series #31 (510) Endogenous Volatility, Endogenous Growth, and Large Welfare Gains from Stabilization Policie 2006-12-25 
 2006 Lecture Series #29(508) [Dec. 13] 1. Governments’ Helping Hands and Economic Performance: The Evidences from China’s Private 2006-12-11 
 Managerial Seminar     
 Panels & Talks:Fordham Schools of Business Advisory Board Meeting 2010-5-22 
 Globalisation and Financial Reform 2009-6-23 
 [November 15]Meaning and importance of Brand Building 2008-11-12 
 Norms, Standards and Failures in Accounting and Auditing 2007-7-12 
 [April 14]Sino-US Trade and the Economic Development in China 2007-4-14 
 [September 23]Implications of the Origin and Development of China´s Stock markets 2006-9-20 
 [September 7]SUCCESSFUL ENTREPRENEURSHIP--Threshold Elements to Consider 2006-9-7 
 [May 9]Private Banking- West Meets East 2006-5-8 
 Corporate Governance – from Tyco’s Experience 2005-10-24 
 HSBC-PKU Economic Forum     
 Dec 15: The Fifth HSBC-PKU Economic Forum 2008-12-4 
 June 13: The Fourth HSBC-PKU Economic Forum 2007-6-13 
 October 31: the Third HSBC-PKU Economic Forum 2006-10-27 
 HSBC-PKU Economic Forum 2004-10-28 
 Cross Desciplinary Seminar     
 [Novemer 23]Productivity Performance and Prospects of the Chinese Economy in Global Perspective 2006-11-17 
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