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Call for Papers:The 2019 Workshop on Comparative Political Selection Student Session


Call for Papers

The 2019 Workshop on Comparative Political Selection

Student Session

June 4-5, 2019

National School of Development, Peking University

Beijing, China


Political selection and political leadership has become an increasingly important topic in the literatures of political science and economics in the past decades. The developed and developing countries face the same problem of how to select competent leaders and ensure their incentives to serve the public interests. The Third International Workshop on Comparative Political Selection will host scholars in political science and economics to present papers on a variety of topics, including the mechanisms of political meritocracy, populism, accountability, political competition in authoritarianism, non-electoral motives of politicians, and democratic backsliding. This year, we will organize a special session for graduate students to present their in-progress research projects broadly related to political selection. We welcome manuscripts from all topics, methodologies, and area focus. The accepted manuscripts will be presented and discussed by senior scholars at the workshop.

Participating scholars:

Jose Cheibub, Texas A&M University

Heng Chen, Hong Kong University

Justin Fox, Washington University in St. Louis

Pierre Landry, Chinese University of Hong Kong

Zhaotian Luo, University of Chicago

Melanie Manion, Duke University

Edmund Malesky, Duke University

Adam Przeworski, New York University

Tianyang Xi, Peking University

Sherry Xue Qiao, Tsinghua University

Victor Shih, University of California, San Diego

Milan Svolik, Yale University

Yao Yang, Peking University

Submission guidelines:

The workshop considers manuscripts authored and coauthored by graduate students only. Applicants should send one manuscript and Curriculum vitae by Email to

Important dates:

Manuscripts submission deadline: May 1, 2019

Decision notification: May 5, 2019

Funds: The National School of Development will provide a lump-sum travel fund of 500 dollars for each participating student (one presenter for each accepted paper).