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LIN Shuanglin

Shuanglin Lin is Professor of the National School of Development, Director of China Center for Public Finance at Peking University, and Member of the Advisory Committee on Healthcare Reforms to China’s State Council.  He has been Noddle Distinguished Professor of Economics at University of Nebraska Omaha and Research Associate of the East Asian Institute at National University of Singapore.  He obtained his B.A. in economics from Peking University, M.A. in economics from Northwestern University, and Ph.D. in economics from Purdue University.  His research concentrates on public finance, economic growth, Chinese economy, China’s public finance, China’s social security, and China’s heath care.  He has published extensively in academic journals, including Journal of Economic Theory and Journal of Public Economics. He authored, co-authored, and edited many books and book chapters.  He has completed a number of research projects for China’s Ministry of Finance, the World Bank, and the United Nations.  His policy articles have appeared on the New York Time and China Daily.  He serves as columnist for the  He is associate editor of China Economic Quarterly (Chinese), member of the advisory council of China Economic Review, and member of editorial board of China: an International Journal and East Asian Policy.  He was President of the Chinese Economists Society 2002-2003 and Chair of Department of Public Finance at Peking University 2005-2013.

Office Phone Number:+86-10-62766960



1. Public Economics, Economic Growth

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2. Chinese Economy

“Population Aging and China’s Social Security Reforms,” coauthored with S. Li, Journal of Policy Modeling, Vol. 38, 2016, 65–95.

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3. Journal Articles in Chinese:

中国财政赤字和政府债务分析,《经济科学》,20103期,5-16. China’s Fiscal Deficit and Government Debt, Economic Science, 2010, No.3, 5-16. 

“Consecutive Government Budget Deficits and Prevention of Using up 
Too Much Future Resource,” Internal Journal of Reforms, August 2010, No 30, 19-22.  

实行十二年义务教育,促进中国和谐发展,《改革内参》,20102月。“Providing Twelve-year Compulsory Education to Achieve Equitable Development,” Internal Journal of Reforms, February 2010.

加大地方公共基础设施投资,保持中国经济持续高速增长,《改革内参》,2008年。“Increasing Local Infrastructure Expenditures to Sustain China’s Economic Growth,” Internal Journal of Economic Reforms (For Policymakers only), October 2008.

增加地方政府财力势在必行,《改革内参》,2008年。“Increasing Local Government Fiscal Revenue Is Inevitable,” Internal Journal of Economic Reforms (For Policymakers only), October 2008.

减轻企业税赋,缓解当前经济困难《改革内参》,20085, 13期,10-13“Reducing Tax Burden of Enterprises for Sustainable Economic Growth,” Internal Journal of Economic Reforms (For Policymakers only), May 2008.

养老保障体制改革机不可失,《改革内参》,20083月,第7期,24-25“The Chance of Reforming Social Security System Should Not Be Missed,” Internal Journal of Economic Reforms, 2008.

现行养老保障制度存在的五个问题,”《改革内参》,20082,4期,31-33“Five Problems in China’s Current Social Security System,” Internal Journal of Economic Reforms , 2008.

“‘增值税返还应尽早取消,《改革内参》,2007年第28期,12-15页。“Eliminating the Value-added Tax Rebate as Early as Possible,” Internal Journal on Economic Reforms , 28, 2007, 12-15. 
中国企业所得税改革与工资收入差距,(合作者:李锦路,余向荣)《经济科学》,1582007年第2期,14-27页。“China’s Corporate Income Tax Reforms and Wage Inequality,”  Economic Science 158, 2007, 14-27.

中国公共财政面临的挑战与对策,《北京大学学报》,第43卷,第六期,2006年,102-110页。 The Challenges and Strategies of China’s Public Finance,” The Peking University Journal, Vol. 43, No. 6, 2006, 102-110.


1. Books in English

Private Enterprises and China’s Economic Development, Co-edited with Xiaodong Zhu, Routledge, England, May 2007, 286 pages.  (Reprinted in paperback in 2011)

The Chinese Economy, Vol. 42, No. 3, May-June 2009, Guest Editor, With an Introduction.

The Revival of China’s Private Enterprises, Co-edited with Shunfeng Song, Ashgate, England, May 2007300 pages.

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China’s Return to Expansionary Fiscal Policy, EAI Occasional Paper, No. 26, World Scientific Publisher, Singapore/New Jersey, 1999, 29 pages.

2. Books in Chinese:

《中国税制改革可持续与经济发展》,(合编者:刘怡,钱立,中文),中国财政经济出版社, 201312. Tax Reforms and China’s Sustainable Development, Co-edited with Liu Yi and Qian Li, China Finance and Economics Press, December 2013.

《西方经济学名著提要:公共财政学卷》,(合编者:钱立,中文),江西人民出版社,20132. Classical Essays in Public Finance, Co-edited with Qian Li, Jiangxi People’s Press, February 2013.

《公共财政改革与中国城市化》,(第一编者,合编者:刘怡,钱立,中文),中国财政经济出版社,201110月出版。Public Finance Reforms and China’s Urbanization, Co-edited with Liu Yi and Qian Li, China Finance and Economics Press, October 2011. (In Chinese)

《中国地方财政改革:新视野新思维》,(合编者:刘怡,钱立,蒋云赟,中文),中国财政经济出版社,北京,200912月。China’s Local Public Finance Reforms: New Perspectives and New Views, Co-edited with Liu Yi, Qian Li, and Jiang Yunyun, China Finance and Economics Press, December 2010, 330 pages. (In Chinese)
《中国社会保障体制探索》,(合编者:刘怡,钱立,中文),中国财政经济出版社,北京,20085, 320页。Exploration of China’s Social Security System, Co-edited with Liu Yi and Qian Li, China Finance and Economics Press, May 2008, 320 pages. (In Chinese)

《俄罗斯经济改革:中国可吸取的经验和教训》,(合编者:李建民,中文)中国社会科学出版社,2007年。 Russia Economic Reforms: Lessons for ChinaCo-edited with Jianmin Li, Chinese Social Sciences Press, 2007. (In Chinese)

《中国公共财政改革:挑战与对策》,(合编者:刘怡,中文),中国财政经济出版社,北京,20073, 479页。China’s Public Finance Reforms: Challenges and Strategies,  China Finance and Economics Press, March 2007, 479 pages. (In Chinese)

《民营经济与中国发展》,(合编者:王振中,尹尊声,中文),北京大学出版社,2006年。Private Economy and China’s Development, Peking University Press, Beijing 2006(In Chinese)

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《管理中的经济学》,(合著者:海闻,中文),上海人民出版社,1995,共208页。Economics in Management, Co-authored with Wen Hai, Shanghai People’s Press, 1995, 208 pages. (In Chinese)


1. Book Chapters in English:

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2. Book Chapters in Chinese

中国税制存在的问题与改革方向,林双林、刘怡、钱立主编,《中国税制改革可持续与经济发展,中国财政经济出版社, 201312月,3-19.China’s Tax Reforms: Problems and Solutions,” Tax Reforms and China’s Sustainable Development, Co-edited by Lin Shuanglin, Liu Yi and Qian Li, China Finance and Economics Press, December 20133-19.

城市化与财税改革,于鸿君、蔡洪滨主编:《经济学理论与中国道路》,北京大学出版社,2012年。“Fiscal Policies and China's Urbanization,” in Economic Theory and The Chinese Way: Celebration of the Achievements of Professor Li Yining, edited by H. Yu and H. Cai, 2012, 94-106.
改革公共财政促进城市化发展,《公共财政改革与中国城市化》,林双林、刘怡、钱立编,中国财政经济出版社,201110月,8-22页。“Reforming Public Finance for China’s Further Urbanization,” in Public Finance Reforms and China’s Urbanization, Co-edited with Liu Yi and Qian Li, China Finance and Economics Press, October 2011.

民营企业投资于中国经济增长,”《民营经济与中国发展》,林双林、王振中、尹尊声编, 北京大学出版社,2006, 247-266页。“Private Investment and China’s Economic Growth,” In Private Enterprises and China’s Economic Development, Edited by Shuanglin Lin, Zhenzhong Wang and Jason Yin, Peking University Press, 2006, 247-266.
中国城市经济增长的决定因素,”《中国城市化:挑战与机遇》, 陈甬军、陈爱民编,厦门大学出版社,2002年。“Determinants of Urban Economic Growth in China,” Urbanization in China: Challenges and Opportunities, Edited by Chen Yongjun and Chen Aimin, Xiamen: Xiamen University Press, 2002.

教育水平与失业:来自中国的证据,《中国劳动市场和就业问题》,王裕国、陈爱民编,西南财经大学出版社,2000, 468-480页。“Education and Unemployment: Evidence from China,” China’s Labor Market and Problems of Employment, Edited by Wang Yuguo and Aimin Chen, Southwest University of Economics and Finance, Sichuan, 2000, 468-480.  
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Beijing, 2000. 

民营企业于中国经济增长,”《中西部民营企业发展与经济发展》,方星海、左学金编,上海社会科学出版社, 1999, 57-74页。“Private Enterprises and Economic Growth in China,” Private Enterprises and Economic Development in Middle West China, Edited by Xinghai Fang and Xuejing Zuo, Shanghai Academy of Social Science Press, Shanghai, 1999, 57-74. 

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解看病难题需对症下药,《经济日报》, 2016219日。
Right Measures Are Needed to Solve China’s Healthcare Problems, Economic Daily, February 9, 2016.

“Who Pays Health Insurance for the Retirees, and How Much?” Economic Outlook, January 7, 2016. 退休人员医疗保险费谁来缴 要缴多少?经济观察网,

“China must cut taxes.” Economic Daily, January 2, 2016. 减负势在必行,《经济日报》,201612日。

健全地方财政收支平衡的政策体系,”《国家治理周刊》, 人民论坛杂志社,2015. Rebalancing China’s local governments’ Revenues and Expenditures, State Governance, Forthcoming 2015.

如何利用和管控地方政府债务,”《财经》杂志, 20140217. “How to Control China’s Local Government Debt?” Financial Magazine, February 17, 2014.
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财政支出应首重民生淡化官本位《人民论坛》,20071225日。“More Government Expenditures for Public Consumption Goods and Less for Government Officials,” People’s Forum, December 25, 2007.
改革公共财政 促进中国和谐发展,《光明日报》,“Establishing a Harmonious Society in China through Public Finance Reforms,” Guangming Journal (Guangming Ribao), October 20, 2005.

人民网财经评论员, the official website of the People’s Daily. 

投资本无过错,提高投资效率是关键,”201597日。” “There Is Nothing Wrong with Investment and the Key is the efficiency of Investment,” September 7, 2015.
我国经济持续发展的潜力何在?”20140305日。” “The Potential of China’s Economic Growth.” March 5, 2014.
财政改革宜增加中央支出 控制地方债务,”“Reforming the Fiscal System by Increasing Central Government Spending and Controlling Local Government Debt,” January 2, 2014.
除了GDP,我们要更多关心国民财富的积累.” “In Addition to GDP, China Should Focus on Wealth Accumulation.” September 23, 2013.  Reported in The People’s Daily (Oversea Edition)

控制地方债很有必要,更有办法.” “The Ways to Reduce the Local Government Debt.” July 20, 2013. Reported in The People’s Daily (Oversea Edition)

如何从根本上消除养老金缺口?” “How to Keep Social Security Account in Balance in the Long Run?” April 7, 2013.

再分配更加注重公平 政府该如何作为?” “What Should the Government Do to Redistribute Income?” November 19, 2012.

投资不必羞答答 倾力民生更待何时”“Increasing Investment to Stimulate Economic Growth,” September 11, 2012.

中国养老金个人账户缺口到底有多大?”“How Large is the Debt in China’s Social Security Account?” July 17, 2012.
医疗体系不尽合理也需对症下药’”“Reforming the Healthcare System to Reducing the Tension between Doctors and Patients.” May 21, 2012.

着眼素质竞争 我国应力推12年制义务教育”“China Should Implement Twelve-year Compulsory Education,” February 22, 2012.

教育投资莫忽视学生体育素质”“Don’t Ignore the Investment in School Sports Facilities,” January 29, 2012

潜在民生支出大 债务累积要慎重”“Government Should Be Cautious in Debt Accumulation,” January 29, 2012.

别把入不敷出当成积极财政政策”“Don’t Call Deficit Policy a Proactive Fiscal Policy,” December 222011
充实管好养老保障账户不宜迟缓”“Solving the Vacancy Problem of Social Security Personal Account,” November 232011. 


“Deepening China’s Healthcare Security System.” The project is sponsored by the Ministry of Finance of China
December 2015. 深化医疗保障制度体系改革, 财政部。

“China’s Health Insurance Payment Methods Reforms.” The project is sponsored by the Ministry of Finance of China, December 2015. 医保支付方式改革面临的困境及改革路径研究, 财政部。

“China’s Fiscal Policies in the Thirteenth Five-Year Plan Period.” The project is sponsored by the Ministry of Finance of China, November 2015. “十三五时期财政政策取向, 财政部。

“The Possibility of Raising China’s Government revenue, and the Possibility of Raising the Share of Central Government Share in Total Government Revenue,” The project is sponsored by the Ministry of Finance of China, November 2015. 提高财政两个比重的必要性、目标和可行性研究, 财政部。


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