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YI Gang

Governor of the People's Bank of China

Professor, China Center for Economic Research



Research Area/Research Interest


Financial Theory and Practice

Money and Banking

International Finance

Economic Principals


Education Background复制

1977 - 1980, Department of Economics, Peking University

1980, selected to be National Exchange Student by Peking University

1982, B.A. (Economics) Hamline University

1984, M.A. (Economics) University of Illinois

1986, Ph.D. (Economics) University of Illinois



1985 – 1986, Chairman, Chinese Student and Scholar Association of UI

1992 – 1993, President, The Chinese Economists Society
1993 – 1994, Founding member of CCER, with Justin Yifu Lin and Wen Hai
1993,             Editor, China Economic Review, Asian Economic Journal

1997,             Deputy Chief Secretary, Monetary Policy Committee, PBC

2004 – 2007, Assistant President, People’s Bank of China

2007 - 2018, Vice President, People’s bank of China
2018-Present ,Governor of the People's Bank of China


Books Published

1. 《市场经济学普及系列丛书(共十四本)》(与田国强主编),1993年(该丛书获 1994 年全国图书奖等四项全国性图书大奖)

2. 《货币浅说》(与贝多广合著),上海人民出版社,1993

3. 《台湾经验与大陆经济改革》(与许小年合编),中国经济出版社,1993

4. 《经济学与中国经济改革》(编委会负责人),上海人民出版社,1995

5. 《中国的货币、银行和金融市场:1984-1993》,上海人民出版社,1996

6. 《现代经济学管理学教科书系列》 (与海闻主编), 上海人民出版社,1997年8月

7. 《国际金融》(与张磊合著),上海人民出版社,1999年1月

8. 《宏观政策调整与坚持市场取向》,北京大学出版社,1999年1月

9. 《微观经济学》,上海人民出版社,1999年4月

10. 《高等时间序列经济计量学》,上海人民出版社,1999年8月

11. 《货币银行学》(与吴有昌合著),上海人民出版社,1999年9月

12. 《1998-2000中国通货紧缩研究》,北京大学出版社,2000年5月

13. 《中国的货币化进程》,商务印书馆,2003年11月

14. 《中国人民银行营业管理部(2006年调研报告选编)》(与韩平合编),中国经济出版社,2007年8月

15. 《宏观经济学》(与张帆),中国人民大学出版社,2008年12月

16. 《中国金融改革思考路》,商务印书馆,2009年12月

17. Yi, G. (Eds), (1991), special issue of China Economic Review: Chinese Economic Reform: Retrospect and Contemplation, JAI Press, Greenwich, Connecticut.

18. Yi, G. (1994) Money, Banking, and Financial Markets in China (a research monograph), Westview Press, Boulder and Oxford.

19. Yi, G., Weiying Zhang and Fulin Chi (Eds) (1994), A Survey on Economic Transition in China, forthcoming, Oxford University Press.


Recent Research Papers in English

1. Judge, G., G. Yi, T. Yancey, and T. Terasvirta (1987), "The Extended Stein Procedure (ESP) for Simultaneous Model Selection and Parameter Estimation," Journal of Econometrics, 35, pp. 375-391.
2. Terasvirta, T., G. Yi, G. Judge (1988), "Model Selection, Smoothing and Parameter Estimation in Linear Models Under Squared Error Loss," Computational Statistics Quarterly, 3, pp. 191-205.
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