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YU Miaojie


Office Phone Number: (+86)10- 6275-3109



Professor, China Center for Economic Research (CCER), Peking University

Visiting Scholar, Department of Economics, Chinese University of Hong Kong (01-06.2015)

Visiting Scholar, Hitotsubashi University, Institute of Economics, (07-08. 2015)

Deputy Editor, China Economic Journal                                   

Guest Editor, Pacific Economic Review

Editorial Board Member, China Economic Review                                               

Advisor, Ministry of Finance, China

Consultant, Department of Economics and Social Affair (UNDESA)

Consultant, Counselors' Office of the State Council, China

Consultant, United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO)                                                                 

Consultant, Asian Development Bank Institute (ADBI)

Consultant, Economic Research Institute of ASEAN and East Asia (ERIA)

Visiting Research Fellow, CASS, Aichi University, Japan

Vice President, China Trade Research Group (CTRG)



Associate Professor, Peking University, CCER,                08.2010-07.2014      

Assistant Professor, Peking University, CCER,                 09.2006-07.2010                                                                                               

Visiting Fellow, Australian National University

Crawford School of Economics & Governance,               07-08.2008                          

Visiting Assistant Professor, University of Hong Kong,                              

School of Economics and Finance                                  09.2005-08.2006

Lecturer, University of California-Davis

Department of Economics                                             06-08. 2005

Project Director, World Economy Database of

Ministry of Commerce, China                                        2007-2008



 Ph.D.,  Economics, University of California, Davis, (Advisor: Robert  Feenstra)        2005

 M.A.,  Economics, Peking University, China,                                                             2000

 B.A.,   Economics, Zhongshan (Sun Yat-Sen) University, China,                               1997



 International Trade, Applied Econometrics, Applied Microeconomics



 Processing Trade, Firm Productivity, Credit Constraint, Political Economy, Chinese Economy



 International Trade, International Finance, Chinese Economy




 1.  The Second Liushibai Economic National Award,                                                              2014

 2.  The 18th National An-zijie International Trade Outstanding Research Award                  2014  

3.  National Social Science Foundation Grant, Core Project (14ZDA082)                                2014

4.  Oversea Visiting Scholarship of St. John College at Cambridge University                        2014

5. Peking University Humanity Research Award                                                                      2013

6. The 16th National An-zijie International Trade Outstanding Research Award                   2010

 7. National Natural Science Foundation Grant, Youth Project (No. 71003010) PI,                 2010

 8. Humanity and Social Science Key Project in 2010, Ministry of Education,                         2010

 9. The Sumitomo Research Foundation Award                                                                       2010

10. National Social Science Foundation Grant, Core Project (09&ZD020)                              2010

11. The 15th National An-zijie International Trade Outstanding Research Award                 2009

12. Kiriyama Pacific Rim Foundation Faculty Research Award, Peking University                  2008

13. World Economic Data Research Project, Ministry of Commerce,                                     2008

14. Beijing Municipal Education Council Research Project                                                     2006

15.  University of California Humanities Research Award, UC-Davis                                      2004

16. University of California-Davis Non-tuition Fellowship, UC-Davis                                    2002-05

17. Dissertation Improvement Award, Institute of Governmental Affairs, UC-Davis             2002-0505



18. Excellent Teaching Award of Peking University                                                               2013

19. The 9th Peking University Teaching Award for Junior Faculty (Second Prize)                2010

20. Grants for Excellent Graduate Course of Peking University (Advanced Int’l Trade)     2009

21. Distinguished Teaching Assistant Award, UC-Davis                                                       2005



 Academic Peer Reviewed Articles in English

1.       “Processing Trade, Export Intensity, and Input Trade Liberalization: Evidence from Chinese Firms,” (with Wei Tian), Journal of Asia-Pacific Economy, forthcoming.

2.      “Introduction to Special Issue of China’s Growing Trade and Trans-Pacific Trade Agreements,” China Economic Journal, (with Jiandong Ju), 7(2), pp. 165-168.

3.      “Exchange Rate Movements and Exporters' Profitability: Empirical Evidence from Chinese Manufacturing Sectors,”(with Zhonghua Liang), China Economic Journal, 7(2), pp.214-221.

4.      “Import, Firm Productivity, and Product Complexity,” (with Jin Li), Japanese Economic Review, 2014, 65(2), pp. 178-192.

5.      “Democracy and the GATT/WTO Accession Duration,” (with Ka-fu Wong), Review of Development Economics, forthcoming.

6.      “Processing Trade, Tariff Reductions, and Firm Productivity: Evidence from Chinese Firms,” Economic Journal, forthcoming, June 2015.

7.      “Exports and Credit Constraints under Incomplete Information: Theory and Application to China,” (with Robert Feenstra, Zhiyuan Li), Review of Economics and Statistics, 2014, 96(4), pp.729-744.

8.      “Measuring the Impact of Trade Protection on Industrial Production,” (with Wei Tian), Review of Development Economics, 18(2), pp. 231-253, 2014.

9.      “Trade Liberalization, Product Complexity, and Productivity Improvement: Evidence from Chinese Firms” (with Guangliang Ye and Baozhi Qu), The World Economy, 2013, pp. 913-934.

10.   "Firm R&D, Absorptive Capacity, and Learning by Exporting:Firm-Level Evidence from China" (with Mi Dai), The World Economy, 2013, pp. 1131-1145.

11.  “Does Revaluation of the Chinese Yuan Decrease Imports to the U.S. from China?” Contemporary Economic Policy, 2012, 30(4), pp. 533-547.

12.  “China and India: Trends in Trade over the Last Decade” (with Wei Tian), Journal of China and Global Economics 2012 (1), pp. 27-38.

13.  “Trade, Democracy, and the Gravity Equation,” Journal of Development Economics, 2010, 91(2), 289-300.

14.  “Trade Protectionism and Electoral Outcome,” CATO Journal, vol. 29(3), 2009, pp. 523-557.

15.  “Labor, Demography, and the Export-Oriented Growth Model in China,” Journal of Comparative Economic Studies, 2009(5), pp. 61-78 (with Yang Yao).

16.“Revaluation of the Chinese Yuan and Triad Trade: A Gravity Assessment”, Journal of Asian Economics, 2009, 20, pp.655-668.

17.   “Political Competition and Bilateral Direct Investment”, Frontier of Economics in China, 2007, 2(2), pp. 250-274.

18.  “Trade Politics: A Brief Survey of International Political Economy”, Chinese Business Review, 2006, 5 (5), pp. 1-9.

19.  “Corporate Governance of State-Owned Enterprises in China”, Corporate Ownership and Control,   Fall 2007,5(1), pp. 493-498


 Refereed English Book Chapters:

20.  “Firm Imports and Total Factor Productivity in PRC”, Chapter 9, in Yiqing Xing (eds), “The Global Supply Chains Updating”, ADBI Institute, forthcoming.

21. “Industrial Structural Upgrading and Poverty Reduction in China,”(with Justin Lin), in Adam

Eddy Szirmai (eds.) The Untold Story: Structural Change for poverty reduction: The Case of the BRICS, Chapter 4, Oxford University Press, forthcoming.

22.  “China and India: A comparative analysis of Trade and Investment Performance,” with Kaliappa Kaliranjan, Yaqi Wang, and Kanhaiya Singh, in Peter Drysdale (eds.) Dealing with China and India: South and East Asian Economic Integration, Routledge, forthcoming.

23. “China’s Processing Trade: A Firm-Level Analysis,” (with Wei Tian) in Huw McMay and Ligang Song (eds.) Rebalancing and Sustaining Growth in China, Australian National University E-press, 2012, pp.111-148.

24.  “Patterns of Trade, Comparative Advantage, and Productivity in the ASEAN-China-India Area”, Biswanath Bhattacharyay (eds.),     Role of Key Emerging Economies–ASEAN, PRC, and India for a Balanced, Sustainable, and Resilient Asia, ADBI, forthcoming.

25.  “China’s manufacturing value chain ascent to date”, in China's Domestic Transformation in a Global Context, Chapter 13, edited by Ligang Song, Ross Garnaut, Cai Fang and Lauren Johnston, The Australian National University Press, July 2015.

26.   “Measure the Energy Market Integration in East Asia: A Principal Component Analysis Approach”, in Fuji Kimura and Xunpeng Shi (eds.), Deepen Understanding and Moving Forward: Energy Market Integration in East Asia, Jakarta, Indonesia. 2011, pp. 63-96.


Books in English

27.  “China’s Role in the World Economy” Edited with Yiping Huang, Taylor & Francis, 2012.


Books Translated

28.   Caves, Frankel, and Jones, “World Trade and Payments”, Peking University, 2009

29.  William A. McEachern, “ECON for Microeconomics”, Machinery Industrial Press, 2010 

30.   Robert Feenstra and Shang-jin Wei, “China’ Growing Role in World Trade,” NBER and University of Chicago, 2008 (Co-translated with Jiandong Ju).


Referred Chinese Papers


32.   《外向型对外直接投资与母公司生产率-对母公司和子公司异质性的考察》(与袁东、李霖洁合作),《南开经济研究》,已接受。

33.   《人民币汇率变动与企业出口产品决策》(与王雅琦合作),《金融研究》,2015年第4期,第19-33页

34.   《对《中国企业“出口-生产率悖论”研究综述》的评论》,《世界经济》,2015年第5期, 第180-182页。

35.   《中国的产业结构升级与减贫》(与林毅夫合作),《世界经济文汇》,已接受。

36.   《贸易自由化与中国劳动需求弹性:基于制造业企业数据的实证分析》(与梁中华合作),《南方经济》,2014年第10期, 第1-12页 。

37.  《贸易自由化与中国劳动收入份额:基于制造业贸易企业数据的实证分析》(与梁中华合作),《管理世界》,2014年第7期, 第22-31页 。


38.  《中间品贸易自由化和企业研发:基于中国数据的实证分析》 (与田巍合作), 《世界经济》,2014年第6期, 第90-113页。

39.  《人民币升值与中国出口企业盈利能力:基于面板数据的实证分析》 (与梁中华合作), 《金融研究》,2014年第7期, 第1-13页 。

40.  《对外改革,对内开放,促进产业升级》 (与王宾骆合作),《国际经济评论》,2014年第2期,第49-60页。

41.  《中国出口企业生产率之谜:加工贸易的作用》(与戴觅、Madura Maitra合作), 《经济学(季刊)》,2014年,13(2),第675-698 页。

42.  《人口结构与国际贸易》(与田巍、姚洋、周羿合作),《经济研究》, 2013年11月, 第87-99页。



43.   《生产率、信贷约束与企业出口:基于中国企业层面的理论和实证分析》 (与李志远合作),《经济研究》,2013年6月,第85-100页。


44.   《企业出口强度与进口中间品贸易自由化:来自中国的实证研究》, (与田巍合作),《管理世界》,2013年1月,第28-44页。

45.  《人民币升值与中美贸易:基于引力模型的理论与实证研究》(与田巍合作),《中大管理研究》2012年,7卷2期, 第47-65页。

46.  《企业生产率和企业“走出去”对外直接投资:基于企业层面数据的实证研究》(与田巍合作),《经济学(季刊)》,2012年,11(2),第383-408页。

47.  《企业出口前研发投入、出口及生产率进步—来自中国制造业企业的证据》 (与戴觅合作), 《经济学(季刊)》,2011年,11(1),第211-30页。

48.  《加工贸易、企业生产率和关税减免—来自中国产品面的证据》, 《经济学(季刊)》,2011年,10(14),第1252-1280页。

49.   《美国的贸易保护主义与其国会选举结果的经济学分析》,《经济学报》,2011,第5辑,第115-131页。

50.  《中国的贸易自由化与制造业企业生产率: 来自企业层面的实证分析》, 《经济研究》, 2010(12), 第 97-110页。

51.  “中国的劳动力、人口和出口导向的增长模式” (与姚洋合作), 《金融研究》,2009(9), pp. 1-14.

52.  “我国价格剪刀差的政治经济学分析:理论模型与计量实证”(与林毅夫合作),《经济研究》,2009(1),pp.42-56.

53.  “贸易全球化和国家民主化”《香港社会科学学报》,2008年 秋/冬季, Vol. 35, pp. 1-40.

54.  “发展中国家间的民主进步能促进其双边贸易吗?”《经济学季刊》,2008, Vol. 7(4), pp. 1167-1190。

55.   “国际贸易的麦敕勒悖论及其验证”,《经济学季刊》,2008, Vol. 7(2), pp. 621-646. , 该文获第15届安子介国际贸易研究奖。

56.  “贸易保护和政治竞争”,《经济学报》 (清华大学), 2008, Vol. 3(1), pp. 149-163.


Books in Chinese 

57.专著,《加工贸易与中国企业生产率》,北京大学出版社, 2013年7月


58.教材,《国际贸易学:理论、政策与实证》,北京大学出版社, 2013年4月 (第一版第1次印刷;12月第2次印刷)。

59.书的一章, “中国加工贸易:来自企业层面的经验证据,” (与田巍合作),《中国再平衡与可持续性增长》,社科文献出版社, 2013年3月

60.书的一章, “人民币汇率调整对外贸相关企业和行业的影响,” (与张帆合作),《汇率博弈》,中国发展出版社,2011年,第92-123页。

61. 专著,《国际贸易的政治经济学分析:理论模型与计量实证》,北京大学出版社, 2009v年1月。(该书获2014年第16届安子介国际贸易研究奖)

62. 书的一章, “中国外贸三十年”,收于《中国经济改革三十年:变与常》,郑伟硕、罗金义主编,香港城市大学出版社,2009年, 第三章,pp. 30-73.


Papers under Review

1.      The Attention-based View or Balancing Exploitation and Exploration? A Comparative Test (with Guangliang Ye, Wanrong Hou, and Richard Priem), accepted by 2015 Strategic Management Society Annual Conference.

2.      Unexceptional Exporter Performance in China? Role of Processing Trade, (with Mi Dai and Madura Maitra) , revised and resubmitted to Journal of Development Economics

3.      “Export Intensity and Firm Wages: Evidence from Chinese Firms,” (with Fan Zhang and Xiaotong Su), submitted to Journal of Asian Economics.

4.      “Input Trade Liberalization and Firm R&D: Empirical Evidence from Chinese Firms,” (with Wei Tian), under review.

5.       “Does Outward FDI Generate Higher Productivity for Emerging Economy MNEs? Micro-level Evidence from Chinese Manufacturing Firms,” (with Xiamin Liu, Linjie Li, Dong Yuan), under review.

6.      “Outward Direct Investment, Financial Constraints, and Firm Productivity: Evidence from Chinese Firms,” (with Bijun Wang, Yuyan Tan, and Yiping Huang), under review.

7.      “Managerial Efficiency and Product Decision: Evidence from Chinese Firms,” (with Larry Qiu), Under Review.

8.      “Wage Inequality and Trade Liberalization: Evidence from Chinese Firms,” (with Chen Bo and Zhihao Yu) , Under Review



Economic Journal(2),American Economic Journal-Econ Policy, Journal of International Economics(3), Journal of Development Economics (3), Journal of Comparative Economics, Review of International Economics , Journal of Korean Economy, International Game Theory Review, Singapore Economic Review, Journal of International Trade and Economic Development, China Economic Journal, Journal of the Asia Pacific Economy, Journal of Developing Area, Structural Change and Economic Dynamics, Economic Modeling, Economics & Politics, Journal of Asian Economics, Asian-pacific Basin Finance Journal, China Economic Review, Emerging Markets Finance and Trade, World Economy, Review of Development Economics,International Economic Journal, Economic Transition, Journal of Chinese Economic and Foreign Trade Studies, Japanese Economic Review, Pacific Economic Review, Economic Inquiry


Referees for Chinese Journals:

Economic Research Journal《经济研究》,China Economics Quarterly《经济学季刊》, the Management World 《管理世界》, Financial Research Journal《金融研究》, World Economy《世界经济》,Southern Economy《南方经济》



American Economic Association, Econometric Society, Western Economics Association International, Chinese Economists Society (CES), Chinese Economic Association in North America (CEANA), Omicron Delta Epsilon (International Honor Society of Economics)



Singapore South Morning Post (columns)

The Phoenix Weekly, Journal of Foreign Relations, The Globe and Mail, East-Asia Forum, The Mainichi Daily News, China Daily, FT Chinese web, and People Daily.



2015   ERIA-Bali (2/7-8), CUHK(4/21), ERIA-Tokyo(4/23),  HKU (4/29), HKUST(5/13), China FTZ Pilot at Shanghai (5/15), 3rd Asia Think Tank Summit (5/21, Manila), Nankai Trade & Investment (6/6), 17th NBER-CCER(6/16), Comparative Economics World Congress at Rome (6/26), Keio Univ. (7/9).


2014   Nihon Univ.(2/7), Kyoto Univ. (2/26-28), EITI conference in Phuket, Thailand (3/19-22), Lingnan Univ., HK(4/3), Jinan Univ.,Guangzhou (4/7), ERIA conference in Indonesia (4/17), CTRG meeting in Chengdu (5/17-18), CUFE(5/21), NBER-CCER (6/26), ASEAN-Myanmar(8/06-08), ERIA-Singapore (9/4-5), UIBE(9/20), Academic Sinica(10/16-17), Ethiopia (11/18-20), Hitotsubashi Univ.(12/13-14).


2013   Tsinghua (12/8), UIBE(12/7), Beijing Normal Univ.(12/6), IGE conference at Seoul (10/30-31), Glasgow International trade and productivity conference(9/1-2), APT conference (6/16), CTRG meeting (5/18),West Australia University Workshop on Chinese Economy(4/1-6), EITI conference in Bangkok (3/5-9), AEA Meeting in San Diego (1/3-6)


2012   Kobe University, Japan (12/14); Yokohama National University (12/12-13); New Structural Economics, Beijing (10/12-15), ADBI value-added conference in Beijing (09/25-26); Stockholm School of Economics CERC-CCER conference (08/17); UNIDO BRICS conference in Vienna (08/16); Aichi University in Nagoya (07/14-15); Australian National University (07/10-11); NBER-CCER conference (06/24-25); BREAD-Guanghua International Conference (06/20-23); Zhejiang University(06/11); IEFS international conference (06/02), Nankai University (06/01); Second CTRG conference (05.26-27); Shanghai Foreign Trade Institute (05/21). Tsinghua-Penn State Conference (05/8-9); Chicago Council Conference (05/2-3); School of Economics at PKU (03/24).


2011    Workshop on East and South Asia Economic Integration and Roundtable and Public Forum on Asia and the G20, Canberra, 8/17-19, 22nd Annual East Asian Seminar on Economics,  NBER, Beijing, 6/24-25. Workshop on Energy Market Integration in Asia, ERIA, Jakarta, 3/8 and 6/19. First Workshop on China Trade and Investment, Shanghai, 6/11-12. Workshop of “Role of Key Emerging Economics-ASEAN, PRC, and India”, Beijing 5/30; Seminar, Business School, Shantou University, 4/02. 5th Far-Eastern Empirical Trade and Investment Conference, Tokyo, 3/9-11. Workshop on “China’s Toward a High Middle Income Country”, Beijing, 2/24-25. Workshop of “Role of Key Emerging Economics-ASEAN, PRC, and India”, Tokyo 1/24


2010    International Economics Symposium, Nottingham University Ningbo Campus 11/8 

Seminar at Aichi University, Nogya, 7/5

Seminar at Economic and Social Research Institute of Japan’s Cabinet, Tokyo, 7/2

12th NBER-CCER Annual Conference, Beijing, 6/26-28

Empirical International Trade Symposium, UIBE, Beijing, 6/13

Second China and the World Economy Annual Conference (RCIE), Beijing, 6/12

Seminar at Lingnan School of Zhongshan University, Guangzhou, China, 6/3

Asian Development Bank (ADB) Inception Project for China, Beijing, 5/31-6/1

Second International Economics & Finance Society (IEFS) Conference, 5/22-23

Seminar at Business school of Xiantan University, Hunan, China, 4/19

International Conference on Business History, Tokyo, 1/09-10


2009    The 33nd Pacific Trade and Development Conference (PAFTAD), Taipei, 10/6

The Comparative Analysis of Enterprise Data (CAED) 2009 Conference, Tokyo, 10/2-5

The 11th NBER-CCER Annual Conference, Beijing, 7/02-04

China and the World Economy Annual Conference (RCIE), Beijing, 6/22-23

Australasian Development Economics Workshop, Melbourne, Australia, 6/04

Forum on Chinese Economic Performance & Policy Evolution, Perth, Australia, 6/2

Symposium of “China, Japan, and the U.S.: Deeper Integration” (II), Tokyo, 5/27

The 10th Empirical Economics Conference, Chiayi, Taiwan, 5/22

International Round-table on Chinese Overseas Investment, Beijing, 5/16

Political Economics of Trade Conference for BRIC Countries, New Orleans, 3/27

Symposium of “China, Japan, and the U.S.: Deeper Integration” (I), Honolulu, 1/7-9

AEA/ASSA Meetings, paper presenter, San Francisco, USA, 1/2-5


2008    Australian National University, seminars, Canberra, 08/01, 08/08

Far Eastern and South Asian Meeting of the Econometric Society, Singapore, 7/18

Korea and the World Economy VII Conference, Seoul, Korea, 6/17

China Economists Society Annual Meeting, Tianjin, 4/17-20

Xiamen University, WISE seminar, Xiamen, 4/8

Peking University, China Center for Economic Research, seminar, 3/19

National Seoul University, conference and seminar, Seoul, Korea, 1/26

AEA/ASSA Meetings, paper presenter, New Orleans, USA, 1/5


2007 The 32nd Pacific Trade and Development Conference (PAFTAD), Hanoi, 12/17-19

Göteborg University, School of Economics, seminar, Göteborg, Sweden, 12/5

SSE (Stockholm School of Economics) CCER-CREC conference, Stockholm,12/1

Peking University, School of Economics, seminar, Beijing, 11/9

Fudan University, Department of Economics, seminar, Shanghai, 11/1

CEIBS (China-Europe International Business School), seminar, Shanghai, 10/30

Asian-Pacific Economic Conference (2007 APEC), Hong Kong, July 24-27

The 7th Annual Hawaii International Conference on Business, Honolulu, 5/25-27

Academy for Global Business Conference, Penang, Malaysia, 5/21-24

Western Social Science Association (2007), Calgary, Canada, 4/14-16

Western Economic Association, Pacific Rim Annual Conference, Beijing, 1/13-15

Allied Social Science Association Meetings, Chicago, IL, 1/6-8.


2006 The 6th China Economics Annual Meetings, Wuhan, Hubei, 12/15-17

 The 6th Cross Straight Economic Development Conference, Taipei, Taiwan, 11/23

 Southwest Finance & Economics University, China, seminar, 10/27

 Shanghai Finance & Economics University, School of Economics, seminar, 10/20.

 Tsinghua University, School of Economics and Management, seminar, 10/12

 Peking University, China Center for Economic Research, seminar, 9/06

 The 61st European Meetings of Econometric Society,Vienna, Austria, 8/25

 Annual Meetings of Chinese Economists Society(CES), Shanghai, 7/1-3

 Hong Kong Baptist University, Centre for China Urban and Regional Studies, 06/2006

 Joint Seminar between Yonsei University (Korea) and University of Hong Kong,

Hong Kong, Hong Kong, 04/2006, paper discussant

 Allied Social Science Meetings, CEANA General Session II: International

Economics and Country Studies, Boston, MA, USA, 01/2006


 2005 Taiwan Economic Association/CEANA Conference, Taipei, 12/17,

 Seminar at University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong, 10/25

 Association of Pacific Rim Universities (APRU), Eugene, OR, 8/18

 Seminar at Oregon State University, Corvallis, OR, 2/12

 AEA/ Omicron Delta Epsilon Invited Graduate Paper Session, 1/5-7



Peking University: Advanced International Trade, International Trade, International Finance

LSE/PKU Summer Camp: International Economics (Ec301)

Chinese University of Hong Kong: International Trade (Econ3610), Int’l Macro (Econ3620)

University of Hong Kong: International Finance (Econ302), Principle of Macro.



English (Fluent); Chinese (Native): Mandarin, Cantonese, and Min-Dialect