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ZHANG Xiaobo
Office Phone Number:010-62758563


Ph.D. in Applied Economics and Management, Cornell University January 2000
MS in Applied Economics and Management, Cornell University January 1998
MS in Economics, Tianjin Univ. of Finance and Economics, China May 1990
BS in Mathematics, Nankai University, China May 1987



National School of Development, Peking University, China
“National One Thousand Talent Program” Chair Professor of Economics 2012-present
International Food Policy Research Institute, Washington, DC
Senior Research Fellow February 2006-present
Co-Leader, Rural-urban Linkage Program 2009-present
Leader, China Program August 2005-March 2009
Research Fellow February 2003 – January 2006
Postdoctoral Research Fellow February 2000 - January 2003
Research Analyst September 1998 – January 2000
Intern Summer 1996
Zhejiang University
Visiting Guangbiao Professor 2008-present
The World Bank, Washington, DC May-August, 1997
Summer intern, with Michael Ward, Statistical Advisory Service, Development Data Group
Cornell University, Ithaca, NY
World Bank Graduate Scholar 1994-1996
Research Assistant for Professor Tim D. Mount. 1996-1997
Teaching Assistant for Professor R. N. Boisvert (Quantitative Methods). 1997-1998
Institute of Economics, Nankai University, China 1990-1994



Refereed journal papers in English

“Value-chain Segments Clusters and Aquaculture Farmer Adoption of Innovations in Bangladesh,” (Chaoran Hu, Xiaobo Zhang, Thomas, Reardon, and Ricardo Hernandez), Food Policy, forthcoming.

“The “Quiet Revolution” in the Aquaculture Value Chain in Bangladesh,” (Ricardo Hernandez, Ben Belton, Thomas Reardon, Chaoran Hu, Xiaobo Zhang, and Akhter Ahmed), Aquiculture, forthcoming.

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“Happiness in the Air: How Does Dirty Sky Affect Subjective Well-being?” (Xin Zhang, Xiaobo Zhang, and Xi Chen), Journal of Environmental Economics and Management, 85: 81-94, 2017.

“Home Ownership as Status Competition: Some Theory and Evidence,” (Shang-jin Wei, Xiaobo Zhang, and Yin Liu), Journal of Development Economics,127: 169-186, 2017.

“Mechanization Outsourcing Clusters and Division of Labor in Chinese Agriculture.” (Xiaobo Zhang, Jin Yang, and Thomas Reardon), China Economic Review, 43: 184–195, 2017.

“Valuing Air Quality Using Happiness Data: The Case of China.” (Xin Zhang, Xiaobo Zhang, and Xi Chen), Ecological Economics, 137: 29–36, 2017.

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“Do Elected Leaders in a Limited Democracy Have Real Power? Evidence from Rural China,” (Ren Mu and Xiaobo Zhang), Journal of Development Economics, 107: 17-27, 2014.

“Escalation of Real Wages in Bangladesh: Is it the Beginning of Structural Transformation?” (Xiaobo Zhang, Shahidur Rashid, Kaikaus Ahmad, and Akhter Ahmed), World Development,
64: 273-285, 2014.

“Overcoming Successive Bottlenecks: The Evolution of a Potato Cluster in China,” (Xiaobo Zhang and Dinghuan Hu), World Development, 63: 102-112, 2014.

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Journal papers in Chinese

“独生子女政策的精神健康成本:基于倍差法估计,” (谭之博、张晓波)《经济研究》,
2016 年第 2 期。
“产业集群对企业履约和融资环境的影响,”(龙小宁、 张晶 、张晓波)《经 济 学(季刊),2015: 1563-1590.

“产业集群动态演化规律与地方政府政策,” (阮建青、石琦、张晓波) 《管理世界》,2014 年 12 月.

“农业与认知能力发展: 来自中国农业改革的证据,” (牛梦琦、张晓波)《经 济 学(季刊)》,14(1), 2014: 259-284.
“中国的产业多元化”(林毅夫、龙小宁、张晓波)《经 济 学报》,1(2), 2014: 83-97.
“飞雁模式”发生了吗?——对 1998-2008 中国制造业的分析” (曲钥、蔡昉、张晓波)《经济 学 (季刊)》,12(3), 2013.
[The English version of the paper “Has the flying geese paradigm occurred in China?” was
published in China Economist, 8(6): 18-31, 2013.]

“危机与制造业产业集群的质量升级: 基于浙江产业集群的研究” (阮建青、 张晓波、 卫龙宝), 《管理世界》,2010 年 2 月.

“中国经济到了刘易斯转折点了吗?来自贫困地区的证据”(张晓波、杨进、王生林)《浙江大学学报(人文社会科学版)》,40 (1): 54-72, 2010 年 1 月 .

“中国西部地区农村不平等状况研究, 基于贵州住户调查数据的分析” (邢鹂、樊胜根、罗小朋、张晓波)《经 济 学 (季刊)》,第 8 卷第 1 期(总第 31 期): 325-346, 2008 年
10 月.
“基于产业集群的包商制与企业家才能。”(阮建青、张晓波、 卫龙宝)《管理世界》,  总第 182 期): 119-128, 2008 年 11 月.

“资本壁垒与产业集群——基于浙江濮院羊毛衫产业的案例研究,” (阮建青、张晓波、 卫龙宝) 《经 济 学 (季刊)》,第 7 卷第 1 期(总第 27 期), 2007 年 10 月.

“温州鞋业集群的形成:进入壁垒是如何突破的?”(黄祖辉、张晓波、朱允卫),《中国经济史研究》2007 年第 4 期。
“社會賦權的交換與區域間、協調發展,” (羅小朋、張曉波) 《二十一世紀雙月刊》 2007 年2 月號 總第九十九期 13-20.
“农民收入差距问题的一个分析视角:基于农民企业家报酬的考察,” (黄祖辉、张晓波、王敏) ,《管理世界》, 68-75, 2006.
中国和印度的乡村工业化比较研究,Anit Mukherjee、张晓波,《经济学(季刊)》,2006年第 1 期。
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Book Chapters, Reports, and Other Publications

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Working Papers

Chen, Xi, David E. Sahn, and Xiaobo Zhang. "Social Interactions and Stigmatized Behavior: "Donating" Blood Plasma in Rural China." IZA Discussion Paper No. 11413, 2018.

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1. Board member of the Board of Directors for the Partnership for Economic Policy (PEP), which is an International Organization dedicated to supporting economic research and capacity building all over the world, and based in Nairobi.
2. Chief editor, 2017-present. Co-editor, China Economic Review, 2010-2016.
3. BHP Billiton visiting professor, October 2015 and October 2016; Adjunct professor, November 2016-October 2019, University of Western Australia.
4. Co-PI, China Family Panel Studies (CFPS) survey (2010, 2012, 2014, and 2016), 2012-.
5. PI, Enterprise Survey for Innovation and Entrepreneurship in China (ESIEC), 2016-.
6. Scientific council member, International Panel on Social Progress, 2014-present
7. Member of review panel, German Research Foundation, 2012.
8. Chair, China Section, American Association of Applied Economics, 2010-2011.
9. Goldfarb Center for Public Affairs and Civic Engagement Visiting Fellow, Colby College, September 2009.
10. President (2005-2006), Vice President and member of board of directors (2003-04), Chinese Economists Society.
11. Member, IFPRI Publication Committee, 2006-present.
12. Member, Academic committee, Fudan Economics Papers. 2006-2008.
13. Reviewer, China National Science Foundation, 2005-present.

14. Reviewer for Agricultural Economics, American Economic Review, American Journal of Agricultural Economics, Area, Australian Journal of Agricultural Economics, Canadian Journal of Agricultural Economics, China Economics Quarterly, China Economic Review, Chinese Journal of Economics and Business Studies, China Review Journal, Contemporary Economic Policy, Economic Development and Cultural Change, Economic Journal, Economics of Transition, Food Policy, International Journal of Applied Economics, Journal of Agricultural and Resource Economics, Journal of Asian Pacify Economy, Journal of Comparative Economics, Journal of Development Economics, Journal of Development Studies, Journal of Economic Inequality, Journal of International Trade and Economic Development, Journal of Public Economics, Pacific Economic Review, Review of Development Economics, Urban Studies, World Bank Economic Review, and World Development.

15. Invited seminars at Bates College, Beijing University, Central University of Finance and Economics, Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, City University of Hong Kong, Colby College, Cornell University, Fudan University, Foundation for Advanced Studies on International Development in Japan (FASID), IIASA, George Washington University, Hitotsubashi University, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, John Hopkins University, Kansas State University, Michigan State University, MIT, National Taiwan University, National University of Singapore, Oxford University, Renmin University, North Carolina State University, Shanghai Jiaotong University, Paris School of Economics, Renmin, Southwestern University of Finance and Economics, Stanford University, Texas A&M University, Tsinghua University, University of California at Davis, University of Hong Kong, University of Maryland, University of Michigan, University of Western Australia, Wageningen University, World Bank, Xiamen University, Yale University, and Zhejiang University.



1. Peking University Founder Award for Teaching Excellence, 2017.
2. Zhang Peigang Development Economics Outstanding Achievement Award (the highest award in the field of development economics) in 2016.
3. Sun Yefang Prize for Economics Research in China (the most prestigious award in the field of economics in China), 2015
4. Grant from China National Science Foundation (71441008), 2014.
5. Grant from China National Science Foundation (71350002), joint with Justin Lin. 2013.
6. Grant from China National Science Foundation (71341002), 2013.
7. Keynote speech at Fudan University’s TED conference, September 20-21, 2013.
8. Keynote speech at China Economics Association annual meetings, 2012 and 2013
 9. Huang Da-Mundell Lecture, Renmin University, China, 2013.
10. China National One Thousand Talent Program Award, 2012.
11. Keynote speech at the Chinese Economics Society Australia 24th conference, Canberra. 2012.
12. Winner of the IFPRI Innovative Research Fund, 2010 ($300,000).
13. The Gregory and Paula Chow Best Paper Award from the Chinese Economists Society Conference in 2010 for "The Sexual Foundation of Economic Growth: Evidence from China" co-authored by Shang-jin Wei and Xiaobo Zhang.
14. Research award from the National Science Foundation (with Shang-jin Wei), "Competitive Savings, Competitive Growth, and Global Implications," (Reference No. 1024574),
$325,938, 2010-2013.
15. Overseas Collaborative Research Award, China Natural Science Foundation, 2008-2011.
16. The Gregory and Paula Chow Best Paper Award from the Chinese Economists Society Conference in 2008 for "Race to the Top and Race to the Bottom: Tax Competition in Rural China" co-authored by Yi Yao and Xiaobo Zhang.
17. Ford Teaching Fellowship awarded by the Chinese Economists Society, 2004.
18. First prize of the journal articles by the Chinese Association of Agriculture for the paper "Pubic Investment, Growth and Poverty Reduction in Rural China" by Shenggen Fan, Linxiu Zhang, and Xiaobo Zhang published in the Journal of South China Agricultural University (Social Science Edition), 2003.
19. An award of Competent Toastmaster (CTM), Toastmasters International, 2001.
20. Finalist (with Shenggen Fan and Linxiu Zhang), for a research medal in the Escaping Poverty Category of the Global Awards at the Second Annual Global Development Network Conference at Tokyo, December 10-13, 2000.
21. Graduate travel grant from the Graduate School at Cornell University. August 1999.
22. Outstanding M.S. Thesis Award from the Northeastern Agricultural Economics Association. June 1999.
23. Award of Merit for Outstanding M.S. Thesis in the Graduate Field of Applied Economics 1998-1999 from Cornell University. May 1999.
24. Graduate travel grant from the Graduate School at Cornell University. June 1998.
25. L.T. Lam Family Awards for South China research, Cornell University. December 1997.
26. Gamma Sigma Delta, the Honorary Society of Agriculture. 1996
27. L.T. Lam Awards for South China research, Cornell University. December, 1995
28. World Bank Graduate Scholarship 1994-1996.



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