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Zhen Enying

Email: or
Address: 5 Yiheyuan Rd, Haidian District, Peking University, Langrun Yuan, Room 603,
Beijing, China
Personal webpage:

2013 MIT, Sloan School of Management; PhD in Management and urban and regional

  • Dissertation: Three Essays on Industrial Relations in China
  • Nominated for the William H. Newman Award, 2014, Academy of Management

2011 MIT, Sloan School of Management; MS in General Management
2007 University of Illinois at Chicago; MA in Sociology
2002 Peking University, China; BA in Sociology & Economics

Academic positions
Jan 2019—present, National School of Development, Peking University, Beijing

  • Assistant professor in management

Sep 2016—Dec 2018, New York Institute of Technology, NYC, NY

  • Assistant professor in management

May 2013—present, University of Cambridge, Cambridge, UK

  • Research fellow (research associate since 2016, Centre for Business Research, Judge Business School)


Peer-reviewed publications

  • Yi Han and Enying Zheng. 2018. “Organizational Imprinting and the Welfare Practice of Chinese State-Owned Enterprises.” Sociological Studies (3): 51-73.
  • Yi Han and Enying Zheng. 2016. “Why Firms Perform Differently in Corporate Social Responsibility?: Firm Ownership and the Persistence of Organizational Imprints.” Management and Organization Review 12 (3): 605-629.
  • Yi Han, Enying Zheng, and Minya Xu. 2014. “The Influence from the Past: Organizational Imprinting and Firms’ Compliance with Social Insurance Policies in China.” Journal of Business Ethics 122 (1): 65-77. doi: 10.1007/s10551-013-1758-3
  • Enying Zheng. 2013. “Bringing Workers Back in: Native Place Networks, Solidarity, and Labor Standards in China.” Academy of Management Proceedings 2013 (1): 1333-1338.

Working papers

  • Enying Zheng, Yasheng Huang, Rongzhu Ke, and Wei Hong. 2019. “The Paradox of Meritocracy: Social Networks and Elite Recruitment via the Chinese Civil Service Exams, 1400-1580.” To be sent to Administrative Science Quarterly
  • Enying Zheng and Simon Deakin. 2018. “Pricing the Human Body: The Unintended Consequences of Formalizing Employment relationship.”
  • Enying Zheng. 2019. “Native Place Networks and Labor Abuse in China.”
  • Enying Zheng, Wenjie, Liao, and Yan Xing. 2019. “Institutionalizing Corporate Social Responsibility Reporting: The Case of Fortune 500 Companies.”
  • Enying Zheng. 2019. “An Entrepreneurial Temple as a Philanthropic Powerhouse.”
  • Enying Zheng and Simon Deakin. 2019. “State and Knowledge Production: Industrial Relations Scholarship under Chinese Capitalism.”
  • Enying Zheng and Rongzhu Ke. 2019. “Disentangle Peer Effect and Social Networks: Evidence from the Chinese Civil Service Examinations, 1400‒1580.”


Ongoing projects

Jan 2016—Dec 2019,  “Causes and Mechanisms of Coalmining Accidents in China: Firm-level Data and Analysis,” participant (PI: Huihua NIE), National Natural Science Foundation of China, RMB 500, 000 yuan

  • of the same period.

2013—present. “Outward Chinese FDI in Global South.” (with Simon Deakin)

  • Have conducted 80+ interviews; waiting for new funding application outcomes to conduct surveys and use machine-learning tools to construct quantitative database via text mining.

2012—present. “Quantifying Science and Civilization in Imperial China (with Yasheng Huang, Wei Hong, and Rongzhu Ke)

  • Have organized about 30 students and compiled a preliminary dataset of about 8,000 inventions and scientific discoveries from Joseph Needham and his colleagues’ collection of Science and Civilization in China; currently cross-checking this source with a similar series by the Chinese Academy of Science; also coding data in other aspects such as wars, extreme weathers, population, etc.
  • Have finished two reports on Chinese Civil Service Examinations between 1400 and 1580; working on data collection of politics, education, economy, and culture
  • Have consulted on data gathering.


Conference and workshop presentations (titles may differ from the current drafts)

Social Networks and Elite Recruitment: The Chinese Civil Service Examinations, 1400‒1580

  • August 2018: Academy of Management annual meeting, Chicago, IL
  • June 2018: Tsinghua University, Beijing, China
  • Feb 2018: Said Business School, Oxford University, UK
  • August 2017: AOM Annual Meeting, Atlantic, GA
  • June 2017: the XXXVII Sunbelt Social Networks Conference of the International Network for Social Network Analysis (INSNA)

Pricing the Human Body: Evidence from Industrial Injury Cases in China

  • Sep 2016: Labor Standards Workshop, University of Cambridge, Cambridge, UK
  • Summer 2015: ASA annual meeting, and SASE annual meeting
  • Apr 2015: Economy and Society Lab, Sociology Department, Cornell University,
  • Feb 2015: School of Management and Labor Relations, Rutgers University
  • Oct 2014: Darwin College, the University of Cambridge, Cambridge, UK

State and Knowledge Production: The Slow Development of IR Field in China.

  • Aug 2014: AOM Annual Meeting, Philadelphia, PA

Foreign and Domestic Firms Growing Apart: Learning- vs. Capability-based Imprinting

  • Summer 2013: ASA annual meeting, AOM annual meeting, and SASE annual meeting

Bringing Workers Back In: Native-Place Networks and Labor Standards in China

  • Summer 2013: ASA annual meeting, AOM annual meeting, and SASE annual meeting


Teaching experience

PKU, National School of Development
Undergraduate: Strategic Management

NYIT, School of Management
Undergraduate: Principles of Management
MBA: Strategic Leadership Capstone; Organizational Behavior
EMBA: Global Strategy; Corporate Responses to Industrial Competitions across
National Borders; Multinational Business Management

MIT, Sloan School of Management, teaching assistant
Undergraduate: Managerial Psychology
MBA: Listening to the Customer; the Lisbon MBA Summer Immersion Program; Global
PhD: Qualitative Research Methods