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Requirement and procedure of becoming an institutional member


The annual meeting of International Consortium of China studies (ICCS) is only opened for ICCS member institutions. If your institution wish to attend, you could apply for a membership of ICCS. 

Since ICCS was just established, we are still in the process of establishing up a chapter. In general, we hope the members have a high strength of research on China. Please prepare a one-page application to support your case and send it to ICCS secretariat. We will ask the existing members to vote for the selection of new members. In addition, as an institutional member, your center is supposed to agree:

1. Hold an ICCS meeting in the future (covering the local costs of conference participants). The conference is rotated between Chinese institutions and international members. Since we have already more than 20 institutional members, the time horizon for preparing such a conference is very long. 

2. Pay institutional member dues. At the second ICCS meeting, we will discuss the chapter as well as amount of membership dues (which will be used to maintain ICCS secretariat).

If you have any other question, please feel free to contact Irene Jing Lu, at