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Undergraduate Program

The economics (National Development concentration) program 


Economics (National Development concentration)

Education Goal

The economics (National Development concentration) program aims to foster future leaders in national development with international vision, creativity, practical skills and knowledge in both breadth and depth. The National School of Development recruits students into the undergraduate program of economics (National Development concentration) with fine-designed courses. Internationalized, cross-disciplinary, and academic-oriented environment are the core to our program. We are devoted to pushing forward humanities and scientific spirit; to promoting innovative and visionary ideas; to establishing a comprehensive study of the economic theory with sound research ability; and to grooming well-rounded talent to serve China’s reform and development. Students will be equipped for economic teaching and research, and will be cultivated as leaders in various sectors, including private firms, policy research institutions, and financial industry.

Program Features

Core Value - NSD aims to establish a fine-designed undergraduate program through an internationalized and interdisciplinary education structure to foster economics research professionals. NSD utilizes its well-structured courses, prestigious faculty, and standardized teaching service to help students form a rigorous foundation in economics and to simultaneously promote interdisciplinary research.

 Influential Faculty - The research fields of NSD faculty range from economics, management, demography to political science. Most faculty members of NSD hold graduate degrees from universities oversea. Six former presidents of the Chinese Economists Society are currently faculty at NSD. All faculty teach undergraduate courses which are well received by students. All faculty hold weekly office hours to promote communication between students and faculty. NSD intends to provide education for students in both the economic field and in life.

Rich Education Experience - NSD has over 20 years of experience in providing education for undergraduate double-major in economics program, Master program, and PhD program. NSD has also been teaching for the Politics, Philosophy and Economics (PPE) program jointly with Yuanpei College at Peking University. NSD’s rich experience in teaching and the comprehensive teaching structure provides a rigorous foundation for the undergraduate program.

Mentor-Mentee System - NSD’s Mentor-Mentee system matches each student with an academic mentor and a life mentor to help each student find their personalized research area.

Comprehensive Course of Study - The undergraduate program focuses on both breadth and depth. Students are required to take liberal arts courses offered across the university, major core courses, major elective courses and courses from other departments. NSD has designed personalized small-class courses and English courses. In addition, undergraduate students may take graduate level courses, participate in workshops, and participate in graduate level research depending on their abilities.

Major prerequisite

Major core courses

Courses from other departments

Mathematical Analysis I

Principles of Economics


Mathematical Analysis II

Intermediate Microeconomics


Linear Algebra

Intermediate Macroeconomics


Probability Theory



Mathematical Statistics

Economics Research Training

Political Science


Special Topics on Chinese Economy

International Relations

Rigorous Research Training - NSD values critical thinking. Faculty at NSD are conducting cutting edge research in many fields of economics and can offer students with a variety of research opportunities. Faculty will supervise students on their undergraduate research project. NSD aims to help students develop their creativity, strengthen their theoretical knowledge, and enhance their practical skills through rigorous research training.


International Communication Experience - NSD aims to cultivate internationalized talents through utilizing its connections with prestigious international academic institutions. Ninety percent of the undergraduate courses will be taught bilingually. Courses taught in English will be offered every semester. Teaching faculty will be consisted of internationally influential professors and visiting scholars. NSD will also host lectures series by Nobel Prize Laureates. NSD encourages students to participate in international exchange programs and will provide financial support for students. Each undergraduate student will have the opportunity to study abroad at a prestigious university for six months. Students may also participate in international conferences with their mentors. NSD currently has exclusive exchange programs with West Point and MFE program at Baruch College, City University of New York.

Practical Experience - Students may participate in social survey, research courses, and projects to apply their knowledge in practice. NSD has established a practice base to encourage students conduct field survey. NSD also encourages students to communicate with peers from other academic disciplines through the undergraduate double major in economics program.

Valuable Alumni Resource - It is the tradition of NSD to connect students with alumni. Alumni relation is a valuable resource for undergraduate students to pursue higher education and career development. Among the 10,000 economics double major alumni from NSD, some went on to pursue higher education at prestigious universities around the world, including Harvard University, Yale University, Princeton University, Stanford University, Peking University, Tsinghua University,and Fudan University, others started their career in a variety of sectors including government, financial industry, education, culture, media, and sports. Among the 1,000 graduate alumni, most Master alumni went on working in the government or renowned companies. Most PhD alumni are working at influential university and research institutes around the globe, including Harvard University, Duke University, UCLA, UC San Diego, University of Wisconsin, Carnegie Mellon University, University of Toronto, Peking University, IMF, and World Bank. Our over 3,000 MBA and EMBA alumni are mostly senior executives of the Fortune 500 companies.

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