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The sixth annual meeting of the International Consortium for China Studies (ICCS) held at Atlanta


The sixth annual meeting of the International Consortium for China Studies (ICCS) was held at The Carter Center, Atlanta, the US on May 31 and June 1, 2019. Scholars of the universities and research institutes from China, the US, France, Canada, Finland, Mexico, South Korea, etc. attended the meeting.

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ICCS was initiated and founded by the National School of Development of Peking University and Oxford University. The previous five annual meetings were successively held at Peking University, Oxford University, Fudan University, Centre for European Economic Research, and Hong Kong University for Science and Technology. The 2019 meeting was hosted by the China Research Center at Atlanta, the US.

Discussion Session


The theme of this year’s annual meeting is 'The Rise of China and Its Impact on Developing Countries'. Participants presented their research on topics including:

•    China and Latin America

•    China and Africa

•    China and Asia

•    BRI and its challenges

•    China and debt trap, debt diplomacy and predatory economics

•    Soft power vs. sharp power

•    US-China relationship and a new cold war

•    China’s role in international trade and investment

•    Made in China 2025 and its pitfalls

•    Lessons of China’s 40-year of opening up and reform


Speakers from the National School of Development at Peking University are Professor LI Lixing, Professor of Economics, and Dr. ZHENG Enying, Assistant Professor of Management.  

Prof. LI Lixing

Dr. ZHENG Enying