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China Center for Economic Studies, Fudan University


China Center for Economic Studies (CCES) was established in February 2000 under the sponsorship of Ministry of Education in China. In the same year, CCES was rated as a member of 100 Excellency Research Centers in Social Sciences, by the Ministry of Education. CCES has been granted as Outstanding Key Research Institute of Social Sciences and Humanities, by the Ministry of Education in 2010. In 2013, CCES was sponsored as one of University Think-Tanks in Shanghai, and “Innovating Teams”, by the Ministry of Education.

CCES specializes in the theoretical and empirical research on Contemporary Chinese Economy, development economics, Regional economics, Industrial economics and so on. Its research has repeatedly won national awards, by publishing a large number of influential papers in top Chinese Journals and international journals. Since its establishment, it has received grants every year from the Ministry of Education, the National Social Science Foundation, National Natural Science Foundation, Shanghai Municipal Government, and other agencies. It has also offered much valuable consulting service for large firms and other institutions.

CCES has intense exchanges with top institutions both in China and around the globe. The Center holds weekly seminar series and occasional public lectures given by leading economists in the world.

Since 2005, it initiated and organized biennial international conference on Transition and Economic Development (TED), which has been attracting leading economists. The Center also regularly sponsors numerous workshops on special topics every year.

The Center has a dynamic young team consisting of outstanding and talented members, 60% of whom are under 40 years old. They are taking initiatives in participating in both national and international academic conferences. The center has forged close links Economic Growth Center at Yale University, WIDER, Queen’s University (Canada), Sinica (Taiwan), Chonnam University, among other leading institutions.

In an era of great transformation and rise of China, CCES will commit to excellency in academic and policy studies on Chinese economy, and working towards an international center for the research in Chinese economy.