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China Studies Centre, The University of Sydney



About us

The China Studies Centre is a major centre for Chinese culture and knowledge. Our principal goal is to provide the University of Sydney with coordination and direction to the study of China and interaction with it.

The study of China is crucial for the development of tertiary education in Australia. Apart from the obvious and direct impact of China’s economic growth on life in Australia, one in eight of Sydney’s residents is Chinese.

For contemporary academics, the integration of China into systems of knowledge and analysis is a great and potentially fruitful challenge. The China Studies Centre plays a key role. Being based at the University of Sydney, the centre is able to tap into the expertise of more than 130 academic staff working across all major disciplines.

The centre’s 15 academic groups facilitate cross-disciplinary research collaboration on wide-ranging themes of relevance to China. This knowledge informs the initiatives of the University as well as business, government and community groups in Australia and China. We aim to:

·         develop an international centre of excellence for research on China

·         develop high-quality programs of teaching and learning, especially those building cross-disciplinary approaches to the study of China

·         develop networks in Australia and China for deeper and broader engagement with government, business and society

·         encourage informed discussion and outreach to Australian and Chinese societies, to help us know each other better and prosper together

·         provide support to the academic activities of the University’s students and staff in China.

Through these initiatives, we aspire to better understand China’s impact on Australia and the world, and speak as an informed voice to improve relations between our countries.