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·       Industrial Organization

·       International Economics

·       Macroeconomics

·       Urban Economics



·       Ph.D. in Economics, Wayne State University, Detroit, Michigan, 1994.

·       M.B.A., Renmin University of China, Beijing, China, 1985.

·       B.A. in Commercial Economics, Economic Institute of Beijing, Beijing, China, 1982.

·       Environmental Economics Program Certificate, Harvard University, Cambridge, Massachusetts, 1995.



·       Professor, National School of Development, Peking University, Beijing China, 2010-2014. Instructor for Intermediate Macroeconomics, Urban Economics, Industrial Organization, Environmental Economics, and Economics of Antitrust and Regulation.

·       Associate Professor, China Center for Economic Research, Peking University, Beijing, China. 1994 - 1998.

·       Teaching Assistant, Wayne State University, Detroit, Michigan. 1987‑1990.

·       Research Assistant, Department of Management, Business School, Wayne State University, 1992‑1994.



·       1990 Samuel M. Levin Prize in Economics, for working paper "An Application of Supergame Theory to a Product Differentiation Model". This prize is awarded annually by the Department of Economics at Wayne State University for the paper judged to be the best research paper by a graduate student.



·       The Exceptional Performance of Chinese Outward Direct Investment Firms, with Wei Tian, Miaojie Yu, China Economic Journal, 9:2, 209-219, 2016.

·       To “Sustaining Growth of the People’s Republic of China,” with Justin Yifu Lin, Asian Development Review, 32(1), 31-48, 2015.

·       China's Long-Run Exchange Rate: A Time Series Estimation,” first author, with PAN, Zuohong, International Journal of Public Administration , 30: 149-157, 2007. 

·       “The Role of Home-Market Effects on China’s Domestic Production,” first author, with PAN, Zuohong, in FLEISHER, Belton M., LI, Haizheng, and SONG, Shunfeng, ed., Market Development in China: Spillovers, Growth and Inequality , Cheltenham, UK/Northampton, MA: Edward Elgar, 2007.

·       “Home Market Effect and Its Impact on Production and Trade: An Empirical Study of China and the US, first author, with PAN Zuohong, in BAO, Shuming, LIN, Shuanglin, and ZHAO Changwen, ed., The Chinese Economy After WTO Accession , Hampshire UK/Burlington, VT: Ashgate, 2006.

·       “Determination of China’s Long-run Nominal Exchange Rate and the Official Intervention,” first author, with PAN, Zuohong, China Economic Review , 15, 2004, 360-365. 

·       “Agglomeration Economics in Chinese Cities: an Empirical Study,” with PAN, Zuohong, in CHEN, Aimin, LIU, Gordon G., and ZHANG, Kevin H. ed., Urban Transformation in China , Aldershot, England: Ashgate, 2004.

·       “Urban Productivity in China,” with PAN Zuohong, Urban Studies, 39(12), 2267-2281, 2002.

·       “Forms of Inter-Organizational Networks: Structures and Processes,” with OSBORN, R. N., DENEKAMP, J. G., etc., in the proceedings of European Science Foundation Conference, Berlin, Germany, September, 1993.

·       Marginal Opportunity Cost Pricing for Wastewater Disposal: A Case Study of Wuxi China. EEPSEA (Economic and Environment Program for Southeast Asia) Research Report Series , July 1999.

·       Pricing Wastewater Treatment in China. Policy Breif, Economy and Environment Program for Southeast China. 1999.

·       The impact of Multinational Enterprises on Economic Structure and Efficiency in China, with Zheng Jingping, submitted to the Washington Center for China Studies, June, 1998.

·       “‘一路一带’与人民币国际化”。与余淼杰、俞建拖合作。载林毅夫等著《朗润园观点》。北京,中国:机械工业出版社,2016年12月。

·       “发达地区中小企业生存现状究竟怎样“。2016年12月26日,财新网。

·       “重新定义中国经济结构变动“,英国《金融时报》中文网,2016年1月20日。

·       “美国地方政府债务监管及对我国的启示”, «西南金融»。2015年第7期。

·       “使吾民不再无地——评文贯中新书《吾民无地》”,新华网,思客,2014年11月4日,。

·       《政府限制城市规模产生扭曲》。财新网。2013年12月02日。“Distortions of Government’s Restrictions on City Size,” Caixin Net , December 2, 2013. In Chinese.

·       “工资上升导致企业出口强度降低”。中国财经报网。2013年7月13日。“Rising Wages Results in Decline in Firms’ Export Intensity,” China Finance and Economics Network , July 13, 2014. In Chinese.

·       “对国民实行国民待遇”。FT中文网,2012-12-20。“National treatment to Nationals,” U.K. Financial Times on Line . December 20, 2012. In Chinese.

·       城市化:中国发展的关键一步,FT中文网,2012年6月28日。“Urbanization: A Key Step in China’s Development,” U.K. Financial Times on Line . June 28, 2012. “ In Chinese.

·       “用价格机制解决交通拥堵问题的设想”,《决策与信息》杂志,2011年12月。“Using Price Mechanism to Solve Traffic Congestion Problems,” Decision Making and Information , December, 2011. In Chinese.

·       Market Liberalization in Key Industries, with Liu, Pucheng, for NBER-CCER conference, June 2011.

·       中国企业对人民币升值免疫?FT中文网《CMRC朗润经济评论》,2010年11月18日。“Are Chinese Firms Immunize from RMB Appreciation?” FT on Line , CMRC Langrun Economic Forum, Nov. 18, 2010. In Chinese.

·       企业对汇率升值的反应。北京大学国际家发展研究院,“CMRC 中国经济观察”,总第23期,2010年10月23日。“Firms’ Responds to Exchange Rate Appreciation.” National School of Development, Peking University, CMRC China Economic Forum , 23, Oct. 23, 2010. In Chinese.

·       贵州发展战略:国际经验。亚洲开发银行援助《贵州省级发展战略》项目,待发表。Development Strategy for Guizhou: International Experience. Asian Development Bank, Development Strategy for Guizhou province, Forth coming. In Chinese.

·       “美国的区域发展”,载亚洲开发银行技术研究项目专家咨询组《甘肃发展战略研究》,科学出版社,2009,308-337页。

·       “实验经济学”,载宋顺峰、潘佐红主编«西方人文社科前沿述评:经济学» 中国人民大学出版社,2008年。Experimental Economics, in SONG, Shunfeng and PAN, Zuohong ed., Economics , Renmin University Press, 2008, in Chinese.

·       “本土市场效应及其对中国省间生产和贸易的影响“,第一作者,与潘佐红合作,经济学季刊,第5卷,第2期,2006年,307-328页。“Home Market Effect and It’s Impacts on China’s Inter-Province Production and Trade,” first author, with PAN, Zuohong, China Economic Quarterly , 5(2), 2006, 307-328,in Chinese.

·       “中国的物质资本和人力资本估算”,经济研究,2000年第8期,65-71页。“Estimates of China’s Physical and Human Capital,” Economic Research , 8, 2000,65-71, in Chinese.

·       “跨国公司对中国经济结构和效率的影响”,与郑京平合著,第一作者,经济研究,1999年第1期,45-52页。“The Impacts of Multinational Companies on China’s Economic Structure and Efficiency,” Economic Research , 1, 1999,45-52, in Chinese, with Jingping Zheng.

·       “模拟竞争市场的建立和生长:中国民用航空业的管制改革和市场竞争“,载林毅夫,海闻,平新乔主编,«中国经济研究»,北京大学出版社,2000年。"Regulation Reform and Market Competition in Civil Airline Industry in China,” in LIN, Yifu, HAI, Wen, and PING Xinqiao ed., Chinese Economic Research , Peking University Press, 2000.

·       “央行的行为、利率的作用与中国的IS-LM模型”,管理世界,1999.4,38-43页。

·       “中国的粮食消费与需求”。管理世界,1998.4,186-196页。

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·       “美国电信业如何反垄断”,中国经济时报,1996年7月9日,第4版。

·       “规制理论与实践:对我们的启示”,经济学消息报,1995年4月22日、29日。“Theory of Regulation: enlightenment”,  Economic Information, April 22 按到29, 1995.

·       “台湾国际贸易的沿革”,载易纲主编,«台湾经济与中国经济改革»,中国经济出版社,1994年。 “The Evolution of International Trade in Taiwan,” in YI, Gang ed., Taiwan’s Experience and China’s Economic Reform, China Economic Press, 1994, in Chinese.

·       “对自然垄断的管制”载汤敏、茅于轼《现代经济学前沿专题》第二集,商务印书馆,1993年12月。

·       《商业企业管理》第三章,夏光仁主编,人大出版社,1986年。

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·       “北京市的饮食服务业”。载北京人民广播电台理论组编《大力发展第三产业广播讲座》,宇航出版社,1985年8月,60-66页。

·       “广东省农副产品流通放开过程中的城镇居民消费考察”,《经济研究参考资料》总1239期,1985年39期36-41页,3月9日。

·       “流通体制改革中的消费承受力探讨”,入选第一届全国中青年经济工作者学术讨论会(莫干山会议),1984年8月。

·       “市场划分与农产品分级管理体制的改革”,中国农村发展研究中心编《农村商品生产与流通问题探讨》,1983年。

·       “努力创造具有中国特色的农村市场预测方法”,与于君合写,《经济问题》1983年11期,46-49页。

·       “市场预测的方法有必要进行科学的整理和归纳”,《经济学周报》1982年8月9日。第7版。



·       The Institutional Evolution of China: Government Vs. Market. Cheltenham, UK: Edward Elgar Publishing. September 2018. In English.

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·       China’s Urbanization and the World Economy. Cheltenham, Cheltenham, UK: Edward Elgar Publishing. May 2014. In English.

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·       和刘普成合作,政府产业部门市场化进程研究 “Marketization of Government Industries,” CCER working paper 9-16-2012. In Chinese.

·       The Impact of Multinational Enterprises on Economic Structure and Efficiency in China. With Jingping Zheng. Working Paper Series, CCER, November 1998.

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·       “An Application of Supergame Theory to a Product-Differentiation Model,” Wayne Economic Papers , September 1990.



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·       Wage Effect on Export. With Yu, Miaojie. NBER-CCER Conference, June 2013.

·       Market Liberalization in Key Industries. With Liu Pucheng. NBER-CCER Conference, June 2011.

·       企业对汇率升值的反应。北京大学国际家发展研究院,“CMRC 中国经济观察”,2010年10月22日。Firms’ Response to Exchange Rate Appreciation. National School of Development, Peking University, CMRC China Economic Forum, 23, Oct. 22, 2010.

·       “Behavior of the Central Bank, Interest Rate and Chinese IS-LM Model,” CES (Chinese Economists Society in U.S.) session of ASSA (American Social Science Association) Annual Conference, January 2000.



·       中国的跨国公司。“Multinational Enterprises in China”, project leader, supported by Ford Foundation, 1997-1998.

·      污水成本和定价分析。“Wastewater Cost and Pricing Analysis,” project leader, supported by IDRC (International Development and Research Center in Singapore), 1997-1998.

·       中国的粮食供求与价格波动。“Grain Supply, Demand and Price Fluctuations in China”, research group member, supported by the World Bank, 1995-1996.



·       Journal of Economic Policy Reform (English, based in Spain)-Associate Editor

·       Chinese Economic Review-Reviewer

·       China Economic Quarterly-Reviewer