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323 National School of Development
Peking University
Beijing 100871, China

Phone: (86)10-62751424 (Office)


2020-present    Assistant Dean and Associate Professor in Economics (with tenure),
                         National School of Development at Peking University

2018-present    Fa-Shu Endowed Scholar,
                         National School of Development at Peking University

2022-present   Deputy Dean,
                         Institute for Computing and Digital Economy at Peking University

2016-present    Deputy Director and Senior Research Fellow,
                         Institute of Digital Finance at Peking University

2015-2020        Associate Professor in Economics,
                         National School of Development at Peking University

2011-2015         Assistant Professor in Economics,
                         National School of Development at Peking University

Financial Econometrics,  Derivatives Pricing, Fintech and Digital Finance,  Big Data Finance

2011    Ph.D. in Economics at Stanford University M.A. in Economics at Stanford University
2008    M.S. in Financial Mathematics at Stanford University            
2004    M.A. in Finance at Wuhan University            
2001    B.A. in Finance, B.S. in Mathematics at Wuhan University      

Advanced Econometrics (Ph.D. Core Course)
Intermediate Econometrics (Undergraduate Core Course)
Financial Econometrics (Graduate)
Empirical Finance (Undergraduate)
Derivatives Markets (Undergraduate)
Corporate Finance (Undergraduate)
Financial Economics (Undergraduate)
Financial Econometrics (Undergraduate)
FinTech and Digital Finance in China (Executive MBA)

2017-present     Associate Editor, China Economic Quarterly
2020-present     Co-Editor,  China Economic Quarterly International
2019-present     Area Editor, China Finance Review International 
2018-present     Editorial Board Member, Annals of Economics and Finance    
2019-2024         Elected Representative, Teachers’ Congress of Peking University
2017-present     Member of Teaching Committee, National School of Development, Peking University
2019-2020        Secretary General, Open Research Initiative of Digital Finance
2018-present     Major Initiator, Research Alliance on Digital Finance in China
2019-present     Council Member, Chinese Young Finance Scholars Association
2019-present     Core Member, China Forum of Fifty Scholars on Fintech Research and Education
2012-present     Senior Research Fellow, China Center for Energy and Development, Peking University
2012-present     Review Expert, National Natural Science Fund of China
2012-present     Review Expert, National Social Science Fund of China
2018                   Guest Co-editor, China Economics Quarterly Special Issue on Fintech and Digital Finance in China
2013-2015          Council Member, Chinese Society of World Economy
2011                   Guest Co-editor, China Economics Quarterly Special Issue of China Spatial Economics Conference

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    Richard Stone Best Paper Prize for the years of 2012 and 2013
     The 2nd Prize of the Seventh Chinese Colleges and Universities Outstanding Research Achievements for the years 2011-2013
     Thomson Reuters ESI Top 1% Highly Cited Paper in 2017
     Google Scholar Citations: 471

Ownership Restructuring, Marketization and Wealth Inequality in Urban China: 1995 and 2002 (with Xiaobin He), China & World Economy, Volume 20, Issue 5, 2012.

The Relationship between Volatility and Trading Volume in the Chinese Stock Market: A Volatility Decomposition Perspective (with Tianyi Wang), Annals of Economics and Finance, Volume 13, Issue 1, May 2012.

Price Volatility Forecast for Agricultural Commodity Futures with High Frequency Data (with Wen Huang, Marius Matei, and Tianyi Wang), Romanian Journal of Economic Forecasting, Issue 4,2012.

(Here I only list publications in top Chinese journals) 

Fintech, Macroeconomic uncertainty and Bank Risk-taking (with Fang Liang and Pu Zhao), China Economic Quarterly (经济学季刊), Issue 6 2022.

Digital Economy and High Quality Development: Mechanism and Evidence (with Sanxi Li), China Economic Quarterly (经济学季刊), Issue 5, 2022.

Forecasting Macroeconomic Variables in China: Combining Forecasts of Experts and Econometric Models (with Fang Liang and Shihan Shen), Journal of Financial Research (金融研究), Issue 7, 2021. 

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Realized GAS-GARCH Model and Value-at-Risk Prediction (with Tianyi Wang), Journal of Management Science (管理科学学报), 2015(5).   

Reform of Energy Regime: Efficient Market and Pro-active Government (with Jintao Xu and Zhuo Huang), International Economic Review (国际经济评论), 2014(4).

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Is Carton Tax Trade Protectionism? International Economic Review (国际经济评论), 2011(5).

Frontiers in Corporate Governance Theory: A Literature Survey (with Wei Yao and Lei Guo),  Economic Research Journal (经济研究), 2003(5).


The Digital Financial Revolution in China, edited by David Dollar and Yiping Huang, Brookings Press, 2022. (Zhuo Huang is a member of the Research Group and wrote one chapter)

Platform Economy: Innovation , Governance and Prosperity, edited by Yiping Huang, CITIC Press, 2022. (Zhuo Huang is a memeber of the Research Group and wrote one chapter)

Development of China's Personal Credit Reporting System in the Internet Finance Era, by Zhuo Huang, China Social Science Press 2018.

Digital Finance: Enhancing the Real Economy, by Zhuo Huang and the Research Group at Peking University (Zhuo Huang is the P.I. of the Research Group), China Renmin University Press 2018.

Technology Empowerment: The Business Practice of Digital Finance in China, by Xuanli Xie and the Research Group at Peking University (Zhuo Huang is a member of the Research Group), China Renmin University Press 2018.

Fintech in China: Twelve Lectures on Digital Finance, edited by Zhuo Huang, Haiming Wang, Yan Shen, and Xuanli Xie, China Renmin University Press 2017.

China’s Practice of Digital Financial Inclusion, The Research Group at Peking University (Zhuo Huang is a member of the Research Group), China Renmin University Press 2017. 

Twelve Lectures on Internet Finance, edited by Yiping Huang, Haiming Wang, Yan Shen and Zhuo Huang, China Renmin University Press 2016.

2018-present       Fa-Shu Endowed Scholar at the National School of Development, Peking University      
2020                     Outstanding Teaching Award (only six award recipents each year), Peking University
2019                     Outstanding Contribution Award at the Institute of Digital Finance, Peking University
2018                     Excellent Paper Award at the 10th Annual Conference of the Chinese Society of Decision Making
2017                     ICBC Outstanding Scholar in Economics, Peking University
2016                     Teaching Excellence Award at Peking University
2015                     Second Prize in the Seventh Chinese Colleges and Universities Outstanding Research Achievements
                             for the years 2011-2013
2015                    Excellent Paper Award at the 13th Annual Conference in Financial Engineering and Risk Management in China
2014                     The Richard Stone Best Paper Prize at Journal of Applied Econometrics for the years 2012 and 2013  
2013                     Excellent Graduate Class Adviser Award at Peking University
2013                     Fengqi Cao Award for Research Excellence in Finance at Peking University
2012                     Second Prize in 2012 Teaching Contest for Young Teachers at Peking University
2012                     Best Paper, Third Prize, at the 2012 Annual Conference on Quantitative Economics in China
2007-2009            Larry Yung Fellowship at Stanford University
2006-2007            Best Ph.D. Candidacy Paper Award, Department of Economics at Stanford University
2004-2006            Graduate Fellowship, Department of Economics at Stanford University
2003-2004            Fureng Dong Economics Research Award at Wuhan University

Journal of Econometrics
Journal of Applied Econometrics
Journal of Business & Economic Statistics
Journal of Financial Econometrics
Econometric Review
Journal of International Financial Markets, Institutions & Money
Journal of Multinational Financial Management
International Review of Finance
International Journal of Finance and Economics
European Financial Management           
Economics Letters                    
Economic Modelling
Energy Economics
Energy Policy                           
Japanese Economic Review                          
Applied Economics
Empirical Economics