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LI Lixing

Professor, National School of Development, Peking University

Peking University Boya Young Fellow

Director, China Center for Public Finance

Office Phone Number:+86-10-62759485


Research Interests

Public Economics, Development Economics, Labor Economics, Digital Economy


Education Background

Ph.D. in Economics, University of Maryland,2008

B.A. in Economics, Tsinghua University, 2002


Working Experiences

Full Professor with Tenure, National School of Development, Peking University, 2018-

Associate Professor, National School of Development, Peking University, 2011-2018

Assistant Professor, National School of Development, Peking University, 2008-2011


Recent Research Papers in English

1.“Economic Inequality and Entrepreneurship: Micro Evidence from China” (with Xuanli Xie and Guangsu Zhou), Strategic Entrepreneurship Journal, 2022.

2.“Firm Quasi-Dynamics in the Chinese Manufacturing Industries” (with Qihong Liu and Changyu Ren), China & World Economy, 30(5), 102-127, 2022.

3.“Platform Economy and China’s Labor Market: Structural Transformation and Policy Challenges” (with Yiqing Mo and Guangsu Zhou), China Economic Journal, 15(2), 139-152, 2022.

4.“The Reversal of Privatization in China: A Political Economy Perspective” (with Zhangkai Huang, Guangrong Ma and Jun Qian), Journal of Corporate Finance, 71, 102115, 2021

5.“Evading by Any Means? VAT Enforcement and Payroll Tax Evasion in China” (with Zhengcheng Liu, Zhuo Nie and Tianyang Xi), Journal of Economic Behavior & Organization, 185, 770-784, 2021.

6.“Intra-household Bargaining Power, Surname Inheritance, and Human Capital Accumulation” (with Xiaoyu Wu and Yi Zhou), Journal of Population Economics, 34(1), 35-61, 2021.

7. “Do Rural Migrants Benefit from Labor Market Agglomeration Economies? Evidence from Chinese Cities” (with Guangliang Yang and Shihe Fu), Growth and Change: A Journal of Urban and Regional Policy, 51, 910-931, 2020.

8. "Changing the Ownership Structure of the Economy" in China 2049: Economic Challenges of a Rising Global Power, edited by David Dollar, Yiping Huang, and Yang Yao, Brookings Institution Press, 2019

9.“Hayek, Local Information, and Commanding Heights: Decentralizing State-Owned Enterprises in China” (with Zhangkai Huang, Guangrong Ma and Colin Xu), American Economic Review 107(8), 2455-2478, 2017.

10.“Government Size and Tax Evasion: Evidence from China” (with Guangrong Ma), Pacific Economic Review 20(2), 346-364, 2015.

11. "Managing Urbanization" in Managing the Middle-Income Transition: Challenges Facing the People’s Republic of China, edited by Juzhong Zhuang, Paul Vandenberg, and Yiping Huang, Asian Development Bank, Edward Elgar, 2015

12.“Housing Price and Entrepreneurship in China” (with Xiaoyu Wu), Journal of Comparative Economics 42(2), 436-449, 2014.

13.“Land Titling in China: Chengdu Experiment and Its Consequences,” China Economic Journal 5(1), 47-64, 2012.

14.“Challenges of Creating Cities in China: Lessons from a Short-lived County-to-City Upgrading Policy” (with Shenggen Fan and Xiaobo Zhang), Journal of Comparative Economics 40(3), 476-491, 2012.

15.“The Incentive Role of Creating ‘Cities’ in China,” China Economic Review, 2011, 22(1), 172-181

16.“Gender of Children, Bargaining Power and Intrahousehold Resource Allocation in China” (with Xiaoyu Wu) Journal of Human Resources, 46(2), 295-316, 2011.


Selected Publications in Chinese

1.“Multi-dimensional Governance and State Capacity: Evidence from Value-added Tax Enforcement and Firms’ Pollution Emission”(with Zhuo Nie and Tianyang Xi),World Economy  [世界经济], No. 6, 112-135, 2022.

2.“Gig Economy and Entrepreneurship: Evidence from the Entry of Food Delivery Platforms"(with Yiqing Mo),Management World  [管理世界], No. 2, 31-45, 2022

3.“Does Tax Cut Improve Local Government’s Expenditure Efficiency? Evidence from the Business Tax Reform”(with Zhuo Nie and Tianyang Xi),World Economic Papers [世界经济文汇] No. 6, 17-35, 2021

4.“The Impact of Automation and Artificial Intelligence on China's Labor Market: Quantity and Intensity of Employment”(with Guangsu Zhou and Lingsheng Meng,Journal of Financial Research [金融研究] No. 6, 39-58, 2021.

5.“Selection, Training and Incentivizing: Evidence from the CCER Officials Dataset”(with Yang Yao, Tianyang Xi, He Wang, Feng Wan, Qian Zhang, Songrui Liu, and Shundong Zhang),China Economic Quarterly  [经济学季刊], (19)3, 1017-1040, 2020.

6.“Financial Development and City Size: Theory and Evidence from Chinese Cities” (with Guangjun Shen), China Economic Quarterly  [经济学季刊], 17(3), 2018.

7.“Minimum Wage, Rural Migrants’ Unemployment, and Crime: Evidence from China” (with Dandan Zhang and Chen Tong),  China Economic Quarterly  [经济学季刊], (17)4, 2018.

8.“Does Migration Experience Promote Entrepreneurship in Rural China?” (with Guangsu Zhou and Huaqing Tan),  China Economic Quarterly  [经济学季刊], (16)2, 793-814, 2017.

9.“Does New Rural Pension System Encourage Entrepreneurship in Rural China?” (with Guangsu Zhou),  World Economy  [世界经济], No. 11, 172-192, 2016.

10.“Land Misallocation and Manufacturing Productivity in China” (with Peiyuan Huang and Guangrong Ma), Management World  [管理世界], No. 8, 86-96, 2016.

11.“Trust and Entrepreneurship: Evidence from China” (with Xuanli Xie and Guangsu Zhou),  Management World  [管理世界], No. 12, 121-129, 2015.

12.“Special Economic Zones, Comparative Advantage, and Industrial Structural Transformation” (with Guangjun Shen),  China Economic Quarterly  [经济学季刊], 14(3), 885-910, 2014.

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