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LIU Guoen

Dr. Gordon G Liu is a PKU Yangtze River Scholar Professor of Economics at Peking University National School of Development (NSD), and Director of PKU China Center for Health Economic Research (CCHER). His research interests include health and development economics, health reform, and pharmaceutical economics.
Prior to PKU NSD, he was a full professor at PKU Guanghua School of Management (2006-2013); associate professor at UNC Chapel Hill (2000–2006); and assistant professor at USC (1994–2000). He was the 2005-2006 President of the Chinese Economists Society, and the founding chair of Asian Consortium for the International Society for Pharmacoeconomics and Outcomes Research (ISPOR).
Dr. Liu has served as Associate Editor for SCI journals Health Economics (HE), Value in Health (The ISPOR official journal), and China Economic Quarterly (CEQ).
Dr. Liu sits on The China State Council Health Reform Advisory Commission; the UN "Sustainable Development and Solution Network" (SDSN) Leadership Council led by Jeffrey Sachs of Columbia University, and Co-Chairs the SDSN Health Thematic Group.      Full CV

Office Phone Number:+86-10-58876178    


Recent Research Papers:

Myerson R., GG Liu, et al., “The Impact of Government Income Transfers on Tobacco and Alcohol Use: Evidence from China,” Economic Letters, forthcoming, 2019

Myerson R., GG Liu, et al., “Cancer Diagnosis and Care among Rural-to-Urban Migrants in China,” BMJ Global Health, forthcoming, 2019

Koch M., Butt T., Liu GG. et al., “Characterizing the population at-risk of COPD in China,” BMC Public Health, forthcoming, 2019.

Liu GG., Shepherd J. et al., “Characteristics of Patients with Dyslipidemia Treated in Routine Care Setting in China,” Journal of Drug Assessment, forthcoming, 2019.

Liu GG., Wu E. et al., “The Development of Health Technology Assessment (HTA) in Asia: Current Status and Future Trends,” Value in Health Regional Issues, forthcoming, 2019.

Yao Y, Liu GG. et al., “Disease and disparity in China: a view from stroke and MI disease,” International J for Equity in Health, forthcoming, 2019.

Liu GG. and Chen Xi, “China in transition: health, wealth, and globalization,” The LANCET Public Health, September 2019.



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