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XING Yiqing

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Associate Professor (with Tenure), Peking University, 2023-

Assistant Professor, Johns Hopkins University, 2016–2023
Visiting Assistant Professor, Cambridge University, May–June 2018

2016  Ph.D. in Economics, Stanford University (Advisor: Matt Jackson  Essays on Microeconomic Theory and the Economics of Networks)
2010  M.A. in Economics, Peking University
2007  B.S. in Mathematics, B.A. in Economics, Peking University

Social and Economic Networks, Microeconomics Theory, Mechanism Design

1. The Incentive Complementarity between Formal and Informal Enforcement (with Matt Jackson),  [2024], Journal of the European Economic Association, doi: jvae009

2. A Screening Perspective on Experimental Zones (with Chen Cheng) [2022], China Economic Review, Vol. 77, 101881

3. Implementing Optimal Outcomes through Sequential Auctions (with Fanqi Shi) [2022], RAND Journal of Economics, 53:4, pp. 703–732

4. Which Networks Permit Stable Allocations? A Theory of Network-Based Comparisons (with Chen Cheng) [2022], Theoretical Economics, 17:4, pp. 1473–1499

5. Intermediated Implementation (with Anqi Li), [2020], European Economic Review, 123, 103387 .

6. Culture-Dependent Strategies in Coordination Games (with Matt Jackson) [2014], PNAS, 111, 10889-10896.

7. Ordering Sellers in Sequential Auctions (with Qiang Gong & Xu Tan) [2014], Review of Economic Design, 18 (1), 11-35 .

8. Auctions with both Common-Value and Private-Value Bidders (with Xu Tan), [2011] Economics Letters, 111(1), 99-103.

9. “Wave Phenomena” and Formation of Excess Capacity (with Yifu Lin & Ho-Mou Wu) [2010], Economic Research Journal ( 经济研究 ), 10, 4-19.

10. Informal Economy, State Capacity and Local Innovation (with Chen Cheng), China Economic Quarterly (经济学 季刊), forthcoming.


11. The Efficiency of Negotiations with Uncertainty and Multi-Dimensional Deals (with Matt Jackson, Hugo Sonnenschein, Christis Tombazos & Omar Al-Ubaydli), Journal of Political Economy Microeconomics, Revise & Resubmit

12. The Network Effects of Agency Conflicts (with Rakesh Vohra & Wu Zhu), American Economic Review, Reject & Resubmit

13. Screening with Network Externalities (with Fanqi Shi)

14. A Theory of Multiplexity: Sustaining Cooperation with Multiple Relations (with Chen Cheng & Wei Huang)

15. Who Shares Risk with Whom and How? Endogenous Matching and Informal Risk Sharing

16. Democratization of Information: Degree-Weighted Social Learning and Convergence Speed (with Chen Cheng, Xiao Han, Xin Tong & Yusheng Wu)

17. “Communication with Discretion” (with Chen Cheng & Jin Li)

18. “Optimal Intervention under Asymmetric Information” (with Fanqi Shi)

19. Status quo, History and Thoughts on House Site [2010], Chapter 4 in The Road to Property Rights Delineation: Experience of Chengdu, China , Peking University Press. (In Chinese) 

(North America and Europe) Cambridge University, NBER, Stanford University, Chicago University, Yale University, Princeton University, University of Southern California, Michigan State University, Johns Hopkins University, Stony Brook University, 

(Asia) Hong Kong University, City University of Hong Kong, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Peking University (NSD, GSM, Econ), Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, Wuhan University, Huazhong University of Science and Technology, Beijing Jiaotong University, Central University of Finance and Economics, Shanghai University of Finance and Economics

2023   7th NSF Conference on Network Science in Economics (Virginia Tech), Workshop of Networks in Finance (UPenn), CCER Summer Institute, CES Annual Conference (ZUEL), CMGTA’2023 (Renmin University), Workshop on Digital Economy (CUFE)

2022   Asian Meeting of the Econometric Society (Shenzhen, online), Conference on Mechanism and Institution Design (Singapore, online), ICSA Meetings (Xi'an, online)

2021   6th NSF Conference on Network Science in Economics (Chicago Booth, online), Tsinghua BEAT (Beijing, online)

2020   European Winter Meetings of Econometric Society (online)

2019   NBER Political Economy Meeting (Boston), 5th NSF Network Science Conference (Bloomington), ThReD: Theoretical Research in Development Economics (Notre Dame), 3rd Bargaining: Experiments, Empirics, and Theory (BEET) (Oslo), GSE Summer Forum Networks Workshop (Barcelona), AEA meetings (Atlanta)

2018   NSF Decentralization Conference (Duke), 25th Wallis Annual Conference in Political Econ (Rochester), 4th NSF Conference on Network Science in Economics (Vanderbilt), 7th NSD Annual Workshop (PKU), 3rd CCER Summer Institute, 2018 International Conference on Economic Theory and Applications (SWUFE, Chengdu), NSE Winter Workshop (Beijing)

2017   1st North American Social Networks Conference (Washington DC), ES China Meeting (Wuhan)

2016   AEA (San Francisco)

2015   Conference Honoring Hugo Sonnenschein (Chicago)

2014   ES Summer Meeting (Minnesota), Society for Economic Dynamics (Toronto)

“Social and Economic Networks”, Graduate level, Peking University, 2023-
“Data Science: Statistics”, Global MBA, Johns Hopkins University. 2019-2022
“Statistical Analysis”, MS level, Johns Hopkins University. 2016-2022
“Social and Economic Networks”, mini-course, CUFE, 2020, 2022
“Social Networks”, co-teacher, GSM, Peking University, 2020, 2022
“Social and Economic Networks”, mini-course, NSD, Peking University, 2018 Summer
“Advanced Microeconomics”, PhD level, Stanford University. TA 2015-16
“Game Theory and Applications I, II”, Stanford and Coursera, TA 2013-14
“Social and Economic Networks”, Stanford and Coursera, TA 2012-14

2017   Black & Decker Grant, Johns Hopkins University Carey Business School
2015   Leonard W. Ely and Shirley R. Ely Fellowship, Stanford University and SIEPR
2010   Department of Economics Fellowship, Stanford

American Economic Review, Econometrica, Nature:Communications, PNAS, Quarterly Journal of Economics, Management Science, The Economic Journal, Journal of the American Statistical Association, American Economic Journal: Microeconomics, China Economic Review, Economic Theory, European Economic Review, Games and Economic Behavior, International Economic Review, International Journal of Game Theory, International Review of Economics & Finance, Journal of Development Studies, Journal of Economic Behaviors and Organization, Journal of Economic Theory, Journal of Economic Psychology, Journal of Mathematical Economics, Journal of Political Economy Microeconomics, Journal of Public Economics, Journal of Public Economics Theory, Review of Industrial Organizations, Theoretical Economics, Transactions on Economics and Computation, WINE 2022 (PC member), etc.