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YU Hang

National School of Development
Institute of South-South Cooperation and Development
Peking University
Beijing, 100871



Academic  Position
Sep. 2019 -
Assistant Professor, National School of Development/Institute of
South-South Cooperation and Development, Peking University.

2020  Ph.D. in Economics, University of Michigan
2013  B.A. in Economics, Peking University

Research Area
Hang's research agenda spans a range of development economics topics, including health, disaster, anti-poverty programs, and political economy. Methodologically, much of his work involves conducting randomized control trials in field settings or generating original data. He is currently running field experiments that help households cope with the HIV/AIDS pandemic and natural disasters. His research locations include China and Mozambique.

Working  Papers
1. “Direct and Spillover Impacts of a Community-Level HIV/AIDS Program: Evidence from a Randomized
Controlled Trial in Mozambique,” with Dean Yang, Arlete Mahumane, James Riddell, and James Allen.
Accepted based on pre-results review at the Journal of Development Economics, July 22, 2019. [PDF]
[ Registry] [AEA Registry]

2. “Social Stigma as a Barrier to HIV Testing: Evidence from a Randomized Experiment in Mozambique.” [PDF] [AEA Registry]

3. “The Value of Political Connections for Firms: The Case of Outside Directors in China.”

Work in Progress
1. “Interventions to Improve Antiretroviral Therapy Adherence in Beira, Mozambique,” with Dean Yang, James Riddell, Arlete Mahumane, and Jared Stolove. [ Registry] [AEA Registry]


Peking University
    Statistics in Social Science Research, for MPA program (2020).

Graduate Student Instructor, University of Michigan
    Principles of Economics I - Microeconomics, for undergraduate program (2015, 2016, 2017); Microeconomic Theory, for graduate program (2015, 2016); Quantitative Methods, for graduate program (2014).


Grants and  Awards
University of Michigan
    SYLFF Fellowship, Department of Economics, 2019
    Rackham International Research Award, Rackham Graduate School, 2018
    Dickstein Research Award, Department of Economics, 2018
    Rackham Research Award, Rackham Graduate School, 2016
    MITRE Graduate Research Award, Department of Economics, 2016

Peking University
    National Scholarship, Chinese Ministry of Education, 2012


2020  Econometric Society World Congress (Milan, Italy, virtual); Midwest International Economic Development Conference (Purdue University, virtual); Jinan University (virtual).

2016  Asian Meeting of the Econometric Society (Hong Kong,China)


Economic Development and Cultural Change