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YI Junjian


National School of Development, Peking University;



Boya Distinguished Professor

Professor of Economics


Research Insterests

Labor and Demographic Economics;

Health Economics;

Development Economics


Education Background

Ph.D., Economics (2007-2011), Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK)

M.Phil., Economics (2005-2007), CUHK

Master, Economics (2002-2005), Zhejiang University



Professor (2022 -), National School of Development, Peking University

Associate Professor (2021-2022), Department of Economics, CUHK

Assistant Professor (2014-2021), Department of Economics, National University of Singapore

Postdoctoral Scholar (2011-2014), Department of Economics, University of Chicago


Research Outputs

Publications in Journals

1. Jin, L., Tang, R., Ye, H., Yi, J., & Zhong, S. Path Dependency in Physician Decisions. Forthcoming at Review of Economic Studies.

2. Bhaskar, V., Li, W., & Yi, J. Multidimensional Premarital Investments with Imperfect Commitment. Forthcoming at Journal of Political Economy.

3. Li, W., Lou, X., Yi, J., & Zhang, J. Unobserved Endowments and Marriage Matching. Forthcoming at Journal of Labor Economics.

4. Ye, H. & Yi, J. Patient-Physician Racial Concordance, Clinical Decisions, and Patient Outcomes. Forthcoming at Review of Economics and Statistics.

5. Huang, Y., Pantano, J., Ye, H., & Yi. J. Marriage Property Law and Household Behavior: Evidence from China. Forthcoming at Journal of Human Resources.

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Publications as Book Chapters

1. Guo, R., Yi, J., & Zhang, J. (2022). The child quantity-quality trade-off, in Zimmerman, K. (Ed.). Handbook of Labor, Human Resources and Population Economics. Springer.

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