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ZHANG Weiying

Current Position: Sinar Mas Chair Professor of Economics
National School of Development
Peking University
Peking University, Beijing 100871, 
Peoples’ Republic of China 
Office: Room 702, Langrun Yuan
Phone: 86-13501098029 (Cell)
Fax:       86-10-6275 8988; 6275 1474;
Nationality: Chinese
Date of Birth: 1st October 1959
Office Phone Number: +86-10-6275 8988

1992-1994 D.Phil. in Economics, Oxford University (Nuffield College)
1990-1992 M.Phil. in Economics, Oxford University (New College)
1982-1984 M.A. in Economics, Northwest University at Xi’an, China
1978-1982  B.A. in Economics,  Northwest University at Xi’an, China    
Academic Positions Held
2014. 08-- Sinar Mas Chair Professor of Economics, National School of Development,   Peking University
1997-2014   Professor of Economics, Guanghua School of Management, Peking University
1995-1997    Professor of Economics, China Center for Economic Research (CCER),  Peking University
1994-1995  Associate professor of Economics, China Center for Economic Research (CCER),    Peking University
1984 -1990  Research fellow, the Economic System Reform Institute of China under the State Commission of Restructuring Economic System, China

Administrative Positions
2006-2010  Dean,  Guanghua School of Management, Peking University
1999-2006  Executive Associate Dean,  Guanghua School of Management, Peking University
2002-2013         Assistant President, Peking University

Research Interests
Industrial organization and theory of the firm; game and society; corporate governance; economic transition in China; law and economics; strategy and competitiveness; and philosophy of economics.


Teaching (Include Undergraduate, MBA/EMBA since 2003)
2013-               Undergraduate Program- Principles of Economics
2012-               Undergraduate Program-Game and Society
2004-2010 Undergraduate Program-Game and Society
1999-2011 EMBA Program- Managerial Economics
1999-2010 Master Program-Theory of the Firm
1999-2010 MBA Program-Socialist Economics: Theory and Practice (joint course)
2003-2008 EMBA Program-Incentive and Corporate Governance


Professional Activities

Editorial Positions: 
Member of Editorial Committee, Economic Research Journal (since 2007)
  Member of Advisory Committee, Management and Organization Review (since 2006)
  Member of Advisory Committee, China Economic Review (2002-2005)
  Associate Editor, Journal of Restructuring Finance, (since 2008)

International Association for Chinese Management Research, Founding Vice President (2002-2004), and Advisory Board (since 2004);
National Advisory Committee for MBA Education, Vice Chairman (2008-2014)

  Member of American Economic Association;
  Member of Chinese Economists Society
  Member of International Association for Chinese Management Research  

Business Experience
   Chief Economist, China Entrepreneurs Forum (since 2001);
   Advisor, China Entrepreneurs Club;
   Advisory Board Member, Samsung Electronic China (since 2006);
   Independent Director, Asiainfo Limited (2004-2007);
   Independent Director, Home World Co. (2003-2006);
   Independent Director, Pudong Development Bank (since 2010)


Awards & Honors

World Bank Scholarship (1990-1993);
Nuffield Scholarship, Oxford (1992-1994);
Lionel Robbins Memorial Scholarship (1992-1994);
The George Webb Medley Prize for the best thesis, Oxford University (1992);
Special Award in Social Science Publication, Easter China Area, for Game and Information Economics (1997);
2nd National Higher Education Research Award (second rank) in  Social Sciences and Humanity for Entrepreneurial/Contractual Theory of the Firm (1998)
National Natural Sciences Foundation Award for Outstanding Young Scholar (2000);
3rd National Higher Education Research Award (third rank) in  Social Sciences and Humanity for Theory of the Firm and Chinese Enterprise Reform (2002);
Ten Persons of Year in Chinese Economy by CCTV (CCTV年度经济人物,2002);
Reform Star by China Reform (2003)
4th National Higher Education Research Award (second rank) in  Social Sciences and Humanity for Information, Trust and Law (2006)
Presidential Award of the Academy of International Business (2006)
30 People of Economic Reform in China for the 30 years by China Economic Reform Association (中国改革三十年经济30人,2008).
The 2011 China Economic Theory Innovation Award (中国经济理论创新奖)
The Most Influential Economist of Year 2013 (Netease Finance 网易财经)

Academic Impact

According to Report on Academic Impact of Chinese Books in Humanity and Social Sciences  published recently (2012), top 3 books in citation in management of past 10 years are all Weiying Zhang’s books: No.1: Game Theory and Information Economics; No.2: The Theory of the Firm and Chinese Enterprise Reform; No.3: An Entrepreneurial/Contractual Theory of the Firm. In economics citation ranking, his books Game Theory and Information Economics, and The Theory of the Firm and Chinese Enterprise Reform are ranked No.1 and No. 6 respectively.  His insightful and provocative opinions about China’s reform have been widely reported both in China and in international media (such as WSJ, FT and NYT).

Selected Publications: 
I. Selected and referred journal publications
Zhang Weiying, 2013, “Norm Entrepreneurs and Confucian Social Norms”, Journal of Peking University (Philosophy and Social Sciences) (in Chinese) 50:1: 16-35.
Haiyang Li, Yan Zhang, Yu Li, and Weiying Zhang , Li’an Zhou, 2012, “Returnees Versus Locals: Who Prforms Better in China’s Technology Entrepreneurship?”, Strategic Entrepreneurship Journal 6: 257-272.
Yasuyuki Todo, Weiying Zhang, Li’an Zhou, 2011, “Intra-Industry Knowledge Spillovers from Foreign Direct Investment in R&D: Evidence from China’s ‘Silicon Valley’”, Review of Development Economics, 15(3), 569-585.
Zhang, Weiying, W. W. Cooper, Honghui Deng, Barnett R. Parker and T. Ruefli, 2010, “Entrepreneurial Talents and Economic Development in China,” Socio-Economic Planning Sciences, Volume 44, Issue 4, December 2010, Pages 178-192.
Yasuyuki Todo, Weiying Zhang and Li-An Zhou, 2009, “Knowledge Spillovers from FDI in China: The Role of Educated Labor in Multinational Enterprises,” Journal of Asian Economics, Vol. 20, No. 6..
Juzheng Yang, Weiying Zhang, and Li-An Zhou, 2008, “The Substitution and Complementarity between Reputation and Regulation: Evidence from Online Trading,” Management World (in Chinese), Vol.7. 
Wang Miaojun, Weiying Zhang, and Li-An Zhou, 2007, “The Productivity Performance of IT Investment and its Determinants: Evidence from Zhejiang Firms,” China Social Science (in Chinese), Vol. 6. 
Li-An Zhou, Weiying Zhang, Quanlin Gu and Miaojun Wang, 2006, “The Age and Cohort Effects of Firm Productivity,” Economics Quarterly (in Chinese), Vol. 6, No.4.
Zhou, Li-an, Weiying Zhang, Quanlin Gu and Yi Shen, 2006, “The value of reputation: evidence from online auctions”, Economic Research Journal ( in Chinese), Vol. 12, 2006.
Miaojun Wang, Weiying Zhang and Li-An Zhou, 2006, “Information Technology, Organizational Change and Performance,” Economic Research Journal  (in Chinese),Vol.1.
Li-An Zhou, Weiying Zhang, Quanlin Gu, and Ye Jiang, 2006, “The Dynamics and Decomposition of the Aggregate Productivity in the Zhongguancun Science Park: 1995-2003”, Journal of Economics (in Chinese) Vol. 2, No. 1. 
Zhang, Weiying, 2006, “China’s SOE Reform: A Corporate Governance Perspective”, Corporate Ownership and Control, Volume 3, Issue 2, pp.132-150, (Summer 2006).
Zhang, Weiying, Li’an Zhou and Quanlin Gu, 2003, “The Mechanism of Firm Exit in Economic Transition”(with, Economic Research Journal (in Chinese), Vol. 10, 2003.
Zhang, Weiying and Feng Deng, 2003, “Information, Incentive and Joint Liability: An Analysis of Chinese History” (with Feng Deng), China Social Science Quarterly (in Chinese), 2003, No.3. 
Li, Shuhe and Weiying Zhang, 2001, “Optimal Assignment of Principalship in Teams” (with Shuhe Li), , Journal of Economic Behavior and & Orginzation , Vol 44, Iss 1, pp 105-127.
Zhang, Weiying, 2000, “Why Entrepreneurs Are Liquidity-Constrained? ”, Annals of Economics and Finance, Vol. 1 (No.1). 
Li, Shhe, Shaomin Li and Zhang, Weiying, 2000, “The Road to Capitalism: Competition and Institutional Change in China”, Journal of Comparative Economics, Vol. 28 (No.2): 269-292.
Zhang, Weiying, 1998, “A Principal-agent Theory of the Public Economy and Its Application to China”, Economics of Planning, 1998, Vol.31: 231-251. 
Zhang, Weiying, 1997, “Decision Rights, Residual Claim and Performance: A theory of How China’s State Enterprise Reform Works”, China Economic Review, Vol.8 (no.1): 67-82, JAL Press.
Zhang, Weiying, 1996, “Owership, Corporate Governance and the Principal-Agent Problem”, the Economic Research Journal (in Chinese), 1996 No.9.
Zhang, Weiying, 1989, “On the Line of Thoughts in Price Reform Guided chiefly by the Notion of Letting Go’”, Chinese Economic Studies, Spring 1989, 22(3), pp.50-66, USA.

II. Managerial Publication

 Zhang, Weiying, “Beijing must seize this fleeting chance to reform”. Financial Times, March 8, 2013.
 Zhang, Weiying, “Ideas Will Determine China’s Future”, Wall Street Journal, August 2, 2012.
 Cheng Yuan, Zhang Zhixue, Zhang Weiying, Jiaqing Zheng, 2006, “What Leadership Styles Chinese Entrepreneurs Need”, Harvard Business Review (Chinese Edition), 2006, No.4.
 Zhang Weiying, 2004, “Industrial Integration: A New Driving Force for Economic Growth in China”, Harvard Business Review (Chinese Edition), 2004, No.4.
 Zhang Weiying, 2006, “New Challenges for Chinese Entrepreneurs”, Harvard Business Review (Chinese Edition), 2004, No.8.
 Zhang Weiying, 2004, “Business Environment and Social Responsibility of Chinese Economists”, China Entrepreneurs, No.9 (2004).
 (numerous articles published in Economic Observer, China Entrepreneurs and other newspapers and magazines.)


III. Books and Book Chapters

Zhang, Weiying, The Logic of Market, forthcoming, Cato Institute Press.
Zhang, Weiying, 2014, New Enlightenment for Reform  (in Chinese)(《改革新启蒙》),CITIC Press. 
Zhang, Weiying and Sheng Bin, 2014, The Entrepreneurs: King of Economic Growth (in Chinese), (《企业家:经济增长的国王》),3rd edition. Shanghai Renmin Press. 
Zhang Weiying, Understanding Company: Property rights, Incentives and Governance (in Chinese). (《理解公司:产权、激励与治理》),second edition. Shanghai Renmin Press.
Zhang, Weiying, 2014, Lectures on Game and Society (in Chinese), (《博弈与社会讲义》). Peking University Press.
Zhang Weiying, 2013, The Game and Society ( in Chinese)(《博弈与社会》), Peking University Press.
Zhang, Weiying, 2012 (updated version), The Logic of the Market (in Chinese) (《市场的逻辑》), Shanghai Renmin Publishing.
Zhang, Weiying, The Road to Market (in Chinese) (《通往市场之路》), Zhejiang University Press, 2012 
Zhang Weiying, What Changes China (in Chinese)(《什么改变中国》), CITIC Publishing, Jul. 2012.
Zhang, Weiying, 2010, The Logic of the Market (in Chinese) (《市场的逻辑》), Shanghai Renmin Publishing
Zhang, Weiying (ed.), 2009, Thirty Years of Chinese Reform (In Chinese) (《中国改革30年》), Peking University Press.
Henning Kagermann, Weiying Zhang and Hubert Osterle, 2008, Business Models 2010 (in Chinese) (《2010商业模式》), China Machine Press.
Zhang, Weiying, 2006, Price, Market and Entrepreneurship (in Chinese) (《市场、价格与企业家》), Peking University Press.
Zhang, Weiying, 2006, Core Competence and Growth of the Firm (in Chinese) (《竞争力与企业成长》), Peking University Press.
Zhang, Weiying, 2005, Ownership, Incentive and Corporate Governance (in Chinese) (《产权、激励与公司治理》), Economic Science Publishing. 
Zhang, Weiying, 2006 (2004 first edition), The Logic of the University (in Chinese) (《大学的逻辑》), Peking University Press,.
Zhang, Weiying, 2003, Information, Trust and Law (in Chinese) (《信息、信任与法律》), Sanlian Publishers House.
Zhang, Weiying, 1999, The Theory of the Firm and Chinese Enterprise Reform (in Chinese) (《企业理论与中国企业改革》), Peking University Press.
Zhang, Weiying, 1996, Game and Information Economics (in Chinese) (《博弈论与信息经济学》), Shanghai Renmin Publishing.
Zhang, Weiying, 1995, An Entrepreneurial-Contractual Theory of the Firm (in Chinese) (企业的企业家-契约理论)), Shanghai Renmin Publishing.
Zhang, Weiying, 2008, “Is State Ownership Consistent with a Market Economy/ Chinese Experience”, in Market and Socialism edited by Janos Kornai and Yingyi Qian, Palgrave Macmillan. 
Gu, Quanlin, Hongbin Li, Weiying Zhang and Li’an Zhou, 2006, “Firm dynamics in economic transition: evidence from a Chinese science park”, in Haiyang Li (ed.): Growth of New Technology Ventures in China’s Emerging Market, Edward Elgar.
Zhang, Weiying, 1999, “Development in Chinese corporate finance and its implication for ownership reform”, Gordon de Brouwer and Wisarn Pupphavesa (eds.), Asia Pacific Financial Deregulation, Routlegde: London and New York.
Zhang, Weiying, and Gang Yi, 1997, “China’s Gradual Reform: A Historical Perspective”, C. A. Tisdell and J. C. Chai (eds.), China’s Economic Growth and Transition, New York: Nova Science Publishers, Inc.


IV. Unpublished Manuscripts:
 Zhang, Weiying, “Reallocation of Entrepreneurial Talents and Economic Development in China”, Guanghua School of Management, 2008. 
Zhang,Weiying, and Jie Ma, “Ownership Distortion, Lower-level Technology and Excessive Cpmetition”, (with Jie Ma), Guanghua School of Management, Peking University, 2003.
Zhang, Weiying and Zhou Li’an, Incentive Pay and Power Struggle inside the Firm”, Guanghua School of Management, Peking University, 2000.
 Zhang, Weiying and Rongzhu Ke, “Trust in China: A Cross-Regional Analysis”, Business School of Michigan University, Working Paper No. 586. 2003.
Zhang, Weiying, Kevin Zhu and Yi Sheng, “The Value of IT to Firms under Different Ownership Structures: Extending the resource-based Theory to a Transitional Economy”, 2005. 
 Hongbin Li, Weiying Zhang and Li-An Zhou, "Ownership, Efficiency, and Firm Survival in Economic Transition: Evidence from a Chinese Science Park”, September, 2005. 
"Institutional Embeddedness and Strategic Choice: Survival of Technology Ventures in China's Transition Economy: 1995-2002" (with Haiyang Li and Li-An Zhou), September, 2005, submitted to Academy of Management Journal.


V. Academic Conference Presentations (very incomplete):

2014, “Ideas, Uncertainty and Forecasting”, keynote speech, International Conference on Financial Engineering and Risk Management, Central University of Finance and Economics, Beijing.
2013,  “Understanding Corporate Governance”, keynote speech, International Conference on Corporate Governance, National University of Singapore. 
2010  “Understanding the Chinese Economic Trajectory”, keynote speech at the 3rd Conference on Cross-boarder M & A, New York University, October 19, 2010.
2008 “Re-allocation of Entrepreneurial Talents and Economic Development iin China”, presented at the Conference on China's Economic Transformation, held at the University of Chicago, July 14-18, 2008, and organized by Professor Ronald Coase.
2007 “Which Brand Dominate Chinese Markets: Domestic or Foreign?”, keynote speech at the Strategic Management Society Conference, May 28-29, 2007, Shanghai.
2006   “Competitiveness of Chinese Enterprise in the Global Era,” Keynote speech at the Annual Conference of Academy of International Business, June 23-25, 2006. 
2006 “IT and Internet Development in China”, presented at Yale Conference on China Industries, Yale University, April 21-22, 2006. 
2005 “Is State Ownership Consistent with Market Economy?”, presented at the International Economic Association Roundtable on Market and Socialism, in the Light of the Experiences of China and Vietnam, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, January 14-15, 2005.
2001-2012, keynote speeches at Annual Meetings of China Entrepreneurs Forum.