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[June 16-17] 20th NBER-CCER Annual Conference


June 16-17, 2017

2nd Floor, Wanzhong Building, NSD, Peking University

Organized by:

The National Bureau of Economic Research

National School of Development, Peking University

Supported by:

School of Economics and Management, Tsinghua University


Friday, June 16, 2017




Opening Remarks


James Poterba,

President of NBER and Professor at MIT

Yang Yao,

Dean of National School Development, Peking University                         Director of CCER, Peking University

Shang-Jin Wei,

Director of NBER Working Group on the Chinese Economy

Section 1 Chair: Prof. Justin Lin, Peking University (Public Finance I


James Poterba, MIT and President of NBER

“Tax Incentives and Retirement Saving in a Low-Return Environment”

Martin Feldstein, Harvard University, former President of NBER

“Growth is Faster Than You Think”

Yaohui Zhao, Peking University

“Have the Chinese Saved Enough for Retirement?”


Group Photo & Coffee Break

Section 2 Chair: Martin Feldstein, Harvard (Government in the Economy)


Kathryn Dominguez, University of Michigan and NBER

“Currency Manipulations”

Yong Wang and Prof. Justin Lin, NSE, Peking University

“Structural Change, Industrial Upgrading and Middle-Income Trap”

Ann Harrison, University of Pennsylvania

“Industrial Policy in China and India: Firm Level Evidence”


Lunch in the conference room

Section 3 Chair: James Poterba (Trade I)


Steven Redding, Princeton University and NBER

“Trade and Welfare: a Big Data Approach”

Shang-Jin Wei, Columbia University and NBER

“Reexamining the Effect of the China Trade Shock on the US Labor Market: A Value Chain Perspective”

(with Wang Zhi, Yu Xinding and Zhu Kunfu, UIBE)

Miaojie Yu, NSD, Peking University

“All-Around Trade Liberalization and Firm Employment: Evidence from Chinese Firms”

(with Antonio Rodriguez-Lopez, UC-Irvine)


Coffee Break

Section 4 Chair: Miaojie Yu, Deputy Dean, NSD, Peking University

Twenty Years Anniversary of NBER-CCER Collaboration and Achievements:

China in the World Economy: Past, Present, and Future


(15 min. each)

Invite Journalists

Marty Feldstein, Harvard University & Former President of NBER

Justin Yifu Lin, Vice Chairman of Peking University Council, Honorary Dean of National School of Development and Founding Director of CCER, PKU.

Jim Poterba, MIT and President of NBER

Wen Hai, Vice Chairman of Peking University Council, Dean, HSBC Business School, Peking University

Shang-Jin Wei, Columbia University & co-organizer of NBER-CCER conference

Yang Yao, Dean of NSD and Director of CCER, Peking Univ.



Keynote Speaker: 

Yi Gang, Vice governor of People’s Bank of China and NSD, Peking University.

Venue: 2nd Floor, Wanzhong Building, NSD, Peking University

Saturday, June 17, 2017

Section 5 Chair: Shang-Jin Wei (Public Finance)



James Hines, University of Michigan


Chong-En Bai and Xiao Liu, Tsinghua University

“Information provision, enrollment in government-pension programs and household consumption: evidence from a field experiment”

Eric Zwick, University of Chicago



Coffee Break

Section 6 Chair: Karen Horn, Vice Chair of the NBER Board (Trade & Political Economy)


Nina Pavcnik, Dartmouth and NBER

“The Effects of Trade Policy”

Tianyang Xi and Yang Yao, NSD, Peking University

“Political Coalitions, Disinterested Governments and Economic Performance in Autocracies”

Liugang Sheng, The Chinese University of Hong Kong

“Offshoring and Wage Inequality: Theory and Evidence from China”

(with Dennis T. Yang)


Lunch in the conference room

Section 7 Chair: James Hines, Michigan (Corporate Finance/Productivity)


Debra Lucas, MIT Sloan School of Management


Shuanglin Lin, NSD, Peking University

“The Effects of Housing Property Tax Reforms in China”


Coffee Break

Section 8 Chair: Debra Lucas, MIT, (Public Finance)


Juan Carlos Suarez Serrato, Duke University and NBER

“Notching R&D Investment with Corporate Income Tax Cuts in China”

Xiaobo Zhang, NSD, Peking University

“Taxation and Firm Clustering in China”

(with Shawn Chen, Univ. of Western Australia and Qi Dong, PKU)


Informal dinner to be hosted by the NBER