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[April 6th] Mr. Qusai Sarraf: Multi-Channel Innovation


Lecture Notice


In contrast with the National Development Lecture Series which is more academia oriented, “Knowing and Doing Lecture Series” focuses more on real-world business and practice. Entrepreneurs and senior practitioners from various industries will be invited to talk with students and share with them their insights into the industry and their personal experience. This lecture series is expected to help students develop a better knowledge of relevant industries, integrate their in-class learning with real-world practices, and very importantly acquire a deeper understanding of the key elements for success in both businesses and individual career development.

The changes in market/consumer’s trends, advent of technology and economic downturn have all contributed in creating a new paradigm forcing businesses to change their approach and embrace innovation. Organisations have to identify their competitive advantage to gain differentiation by continually pushing the standards higher and having to find ways to innovate in winning market-share, delivering their offerings and in defining new business models.

This presentation introduces Innovation from a Multi-Channel perspective where the focus is all about the key driver in business today, “Customer Centricity” and how this is shaping the retail business today and impacting many other sectors. This is a practical presentation that presents the subject within the context of creating one of the most successful e-business ventures in the world – 1996 – 2014.

The presenter will share his experience in innovation and R&D journey for the past 20 years providing insight and lessons learnt in building projects from concepts to global commercial reality.

Here are the topic and detailed arrangements of the lecture:

Speaker: Mr. Qusai Sarraf

Time: 18:30-20:00, April 6, 2014, Sunday

Venue: Zhifuxuan Classroom, NSD

Language: English

Topic: Multi-Channel Innovation

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