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Professor Lin Yifu is Awarded the 2005 “National Model Worker and Advanced Laborer


As the representative of intellectuals, Professor Lin Yifu is awarded by the National Federation of Trade Union the 2005 "National Model Worker and Advanced Laborer". The award can date back to 1950 and it's the highest national prize for common workers. It is the first time for an intellectual returning from abroad and working in high schools to win the prize, which indicates the recognition and praise of the county to those people returning from abroad, and which on the other hand broadens the connotation and extension of model worker in the new time.

Returning home from abroad in 1987, Professor Lin Yifu was once the vice president of the Development Research Station of the Rural Development Research Center of the State Council and the vice director of the Rural Department of the Development Research Center of the State Council. He established the China Center for Economic Research in Peking University in 1994 and takes the position of Chairman till now. As the founder of CCER, Professor Lin has made a great contribution for its development. Under his great efforts, in the past decade, CCER attracts a great number of excellent intellectuals returning from abroad and sets up a new atmosphere for the teaching and research of China economics and management science, which has been proved a great contribution to the connection between China economics and the world, and to the reform and development of China economy.

Professor Lin Yifu has done a lot for the education cause of our party and country. He not only teaches the students with the top economic knowledge based on his profound learning, but also influences and moves those students with grand idealism, the spirit of contribution and his own lofty personality, and tries to help them to set up correct world and life view.

In the aspect of academic research and policy propose, Professor Lin takes an important role for the economic reform and development of our country. By his learning, he is concerned about the life of people, lays influence on the progress of society and tries to promote the reform. He is the member of the 7th, 8th, 9th and 10th Chinese People's Political Consultative Conferences and the vice president of the Economic Committee of that Conference. From 1991, every year he would take part in several conversaziones held by the leaders of our party and country, to present his opinion and propose. At the same time, he often attends the proseminars held by the administration leaders of such government departments as National Development and Reform Commission, Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Science and Technology, Ministry of Commerce, Ministry of Agriculture, State Council Leading Group Office of Poverty Alleviation and Development, and so on. His policy proposes lay great influence on the macro-economy management and reform of our country, especially on the establishment of the rural and poverty alleviation policy.

Professor Lin Yifu is the representative of those excellent intellectuals who are of the spirit of ideality, enthusiasm, contribution, foresight and attractive personality, the model of the scholars returning from abroad and the laborers in the time of knowledge economy, and the real model worker in the cause for constructing harmonious society.