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First in a series of LSE and the China Center for Economic Research annual conferences to be held


The first of a series of annual conferences to be held jointly between LSE and the China Center for Economic Research (CCER), Beijing University, takes place this August.

The two day conference, to take in Beijing, China, on 22 and 23 August, will focus on Globalisation and Economic Growth in China and bring together experts on China's development and academics who have worked on globalisation issues from both LSE and CCER.

Academics will discuss the impact of China's growth on the global economy and the effects of a globalising world on China's transition and development prospects from a range of economic, political and legal approaches. Speakers will include Professor Justin Lin, Professor Yang Yao, Professor Fan Gang, Professor Danny Quah, Dr Razeen Sally, Dr Shiva Thambisetty, Dr Chenggang Xu, Dr Linda Yueh, and Dr Bert Hofman of the World Bank, among others.

Papers submitted to the conference will be considered for publication in a monograph to be edited by Yang Yao and Linda Yueh for World Scientific Press in the series on Economic Development and Growth, edited by Linda Yueh, series editor. An executive briefing of the conference papers will also be published.

Dr Yueh said: 'In the 26 years since market-oriented reforms were introduced, China has grown remarkably well and has emerged onto the world stage as a major economic presence, particularly since accession to the World Trade Organisation in 2001. China's influence on the regional and world economy is notable, as are the effects of further integration with the international economic order on China's growth prospects and the direction of its development.'

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20 July 2005