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The Second US-China Economic Dialogue Held


The Second US-China Economic Dialogue Held

       The second US-China Economic Dialogue was held in Xiangshan Hotel, Beijing, on June 18-19, 2010. The two sides had frank exchanges on the new developments in the world and bilateral economic relations since the first dialogue was held. The topics included the impacts of the Euro crisis on China and the US economies, technological innovations and transfers in the two countries, the role of the RMB exchange rate in economic rebalancing between the two countries, and long-run balanced growth in both countries. The dialogue reached some consensus views on those issues. Chairman Lou Jiwei of China Investment Corporation gave a lunch speech during the dialogue.

       The Chinese and American delegations have respectively presented the consensus views and provided policy recommendations to their own governments.

       The US-China Economic Dialogue was initiated by the China Center of Economic Research (CCER), the National of Development (NSD) of Peking University and the National Committee on US-China Relations, with an aim to provide a platform for scholars and business people on both sides to exchange ideas and form policy recommendations to the two governments. The first dialogue was held in New York City on January 7-8, 2010.

The Chinese delegation:

       QIN Xiao (the China chair), Yiping Huang, Feng Lu, Jian-ye Wang, Ho-mou Wu, Jintao Xu, Geng Xiao, Yang Yao, Daojiong Zha.

The American delegation:

     Carla Hills (the US co-chair), Hank Greenberg (the US co-chair), Trevor Houser, Nick Lardy, Michael Mussa, Barry Naughton, Stephen Orlins, Robert Rubin