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【Faculty Recruitment】Center for New Structural Economics at Peking University Recruits Founding Faculty Members


“New Structural Economics (NSE)” is championed by Professor Justin Yifu Lin. He proposes the use of neoclassical approach to study the determinants of economic structure, including technology, industry, infrastructure and institution, and its evolution in the process of economic development. The starting point of NSE’s analysis is an economy’s endowments and endowments structure, which are given at any specific time and changeable over times. NSE emphasizes the important roles of effective market and facilitating state in the process of economic development. NSE has been endorsed by renowned economists worldwide including more than ten Nobel Laureate, such as Joseph E. Stiglitz and Andrew Michael Spence to name a few. NSE’s application has received attention from scholars and policymakers in developing countries. As the third wave of development thinking, NSE aims to advance theoretical innovations in development economics in specific and in economics discipline in general though systematic and cross-disciplinary research.
Founded and chaired by Professor Lin, the Center for New Structural Economics (CNSE) at Peking University is established for the purpose of further theorizing and broader application of NSE. Aiming for a world-class think tank and a worldwide forerunner in development economics, the CNSE is committed to advancing theoretical innovations, based on economic transition and development in China and other developing countries.
For realizing this promising and pioneer vision, we sincerely invite applications for our faculty positions from top talents around the globe who aspire to contribute to the research, promotion and application of New Structural Economics.
Candidates are required to have a Ph.D. degree (or expect to complete their Ph.D. in 2016). Selected candidates will be expected to teach and advise bachelors-, masters- and doctoral-level students as well as MBA students the related fields of New Structural Economics in English or in Chinese. The remuneration package will be highly competitive, commensurate with qualifications and experience.
Application documents (in either Chinese or English; English is preferred) include:
a) Curriculum Vitae
b) Cover Letter (including a description of proposed research in the next three years in the related fields of New Structural Economics)
c) Major papers/publications
d) Three letters of recommendation (or contact information for three referees)

Please send the electronic copy of above-mentioned documents to: (Title: <Application for faculty openings> Full Name + Name of College/University (which awards you the doctoral degree) + Major).
An e-mail will be sent to applicants within one month of application, notifying them whether they are offered an interview opportunity. The faculty recruitment will be conducted on a rolling basis, and interviews will be scheduled at regular intervals. Early applicants might be considered for an interview at the American Economic Association’s Annual Meeting in January 2016.

Center for New Structural Economics at Peking University
1 December 2015