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Premier Li Keqiang Visits the National School of Development


On 15th April, 2014, Li Keqiang, Premier of the State Council of the People’s Republic of China, visited to Peking University on an inspection tour. Premier Li began the tour at the National School of Development where he learned about the establishment and history of the think-tank. Premier Li was accompanied by Zhu Shanlu, Communist Party Secretary of Peking University, and Lin Jianhua, President of Peking University. 


Professor Justin Lin Accompanies Premier Li

In front of Wanzhonglou, Premier Li listened to Mr. Zhu’s account of Peking University’s recent development prior to visiting the Peking University think-tank achievement exhibition. Fourteen National School of Development professors including Justin Lin, Zhou Qiren and Yao Yang attended the event.

In the hall of Wanzhonglou, Premier Li listened to National School of Development Dean Yao Yang’s introduction of the think-tank’s key research results and publications in recent years. In addition, the Premier discussed related issues with Justin Lin and Zhou Qiren.

The tour concluded with a group photo to mark the occasion.

Dean Yao Yang Introduces the NSD Think-tank

Premier Li with NSD Professors