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Publishing Information about CEJ Vol.2 No.3


The Volume.2 No.3 of China Economic Journal has been published in February 2010. For more information please view the online version on in CCER or of Routledge Journals.

Table of Content for China Economic Journal Volume 2. No. 3. 2009

1. Assessment of China's macroeconomic situation: relevance of the zero interest rate and quantitative easing polices
Yi Gang
Page 239-255

2. Economic growth and growth linkages in China 1994–2003
Ari Kokko, Christer Ljungwall and Patrik Gustavsson Tingvall
Page 257-275

3. Challenges of population aging in China
Yi Zeng
Page 277-283

4. The impact of foreign capital on the Chinese banking market
Yuan Yuana and Hiroshi Gunji
Page 285-296

5. Redefining Beijing Consensus: ten economic principles
Xin Li, Kjeld Erik Br?dsgaard and Michael Jacobsen
Page 297-311

6. Long memory in the volatility of China stock returns
Shiyou Zhu, Min-Hwan Lee* and Kyu Sun Hwang
Page 311-323

7. Social capital, Chinese style: individualism, relational collectivism and
the cultural embeddedness of the institutions–performance link
Carsten Herrmann-Pillath
Page 325-350

8. The China factor in recent global commodity price and shipping freight volatilities
Feng Lu and Yuanfang Li
Page 351-377