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Call for Application: Project Research Specialists


Call for Application:
Project Research Specialists

The Center for New Structural Economics (CNSE) invites applications from highly qualified professionals and graduates for the role of Project Research Specialist (PRS) on the international team. The international team works on applying the Growth Identification and Facilitation Framework (GIFF) to developing countries and producing cutting edge research in development economics. We are looking for exceptional candidates with a sense of curiosity and a passion for international development.

Project Research Specialist General Requirements:
? Master’s degree in a relevant discipline
? Being able to conduct policy analysis and case study, write think tank reports and maintain databases within the framework of NSE
? A good command of case studies methodology or quantitative analysis is preferred.
? English publications including papers and policy briefs are preferred
? Good project promotion and management skills. Being adaptive to international business trips. Field research and interview skills are preferred

Apart from other expertise such as special economic zones, macroeconomics, statistics and finance, the CNSE is particularly looking for applicants with the expertise in Manufacturing/Industrial studies and Supply Chain/Logistics. Successful applicants must have a track record of experience, insight, and training in these disciplines as demonstrated by their academic training and professional experience.

Project Research Specialist – Manufacturing/Industrial Specialism:
? Master’s degree focus in manufacturing and industry such as: Manufacturing Management; Industrial Systems; Manufacturing Operations; Systems Engineering; Operations Management
? Conduct primary and database research on manufacturing in China and abroad
? Solve problems such as the cost structure of manufacturing by sector in China and other developing countries, determinants of the factor intensity by industries, and sectors losing competitive advantage in China and other development success countries
? Diagram industries from initial inputs to final products to industrial clusters
? Build case study library and databases regarding manufacturing in Asia and Africa

Project Research Specialist – Supply Chain/Logistics Specialism:
? Master’s degree focus in supply chains and international distribution such as: Supply Chain Management; Logistics; International Purchasing; Import/Export; Applied International Trade
? Conduct Global Value Chain Analysis and build databases and case studies on industrial transfer
? Solve problems such as determinants of decisions for international buyers, optimizing transportation and other transaction costs, and the consequences of increasingly complex supply chains

Key Facts about the Role of PRS and the International Team:
? The working language on the team is English, PRS candidates must have academic and professional fluency in written and spoken English
? Work is varied and includes both qualitative and quantitative analyses. Although economics is the core discipline, the work of the international team is highly multi-disciplinary and touches on international trade, politics, and industrial policy to name a few.
? PRS candidates are expected to have or develop a specialism relevant to the work of international team and at as an expert to internal and external partners on questions relating to this discipline
? PRS staff have project management, working level partner engagement and research responsibilities
? The international team creates policy proposals and analysis that contribute to real decisions by political leaders in developing countries
? The international team partners with development organizations and global partners such as the UNDP, World Bank, and the IFPRI
? Work is fast paced and intense, requiring a high degree of commitment and flexibility to respond to the demands of the job and rapidly evolving priorities.

International Team Culture:
The international team strives to create a bold and intellectually adventurous environment. Individual contributions and independent thinking are valued and entrepreneurship is strongly encouraged. The unofficial motto of the CNSE is ‘learning by doing’ – and the emphasis is solidly on the side of action and execution. Rather than clinging to perfectionistic fear of failure, the team strives to inculcate a spirit of experimentation and iteration. The CNSE has 5 P’s and that guide our work and form the foundation of our shared culture.

Passion: Have a great passion for advancing frontier research on structural change and promoting economic transformation in developing countries;

Professionalism: Act proactively and entrepreneurially; complete tasks on time and with high-quality

Partnership: Work together with teammates to create synergies within the team; Collaborate with external partners to amplify our impacts

People: Put people at the center of our mission, helping people in need both in China and abroad

Publication: Publish high-quality project reports, policy briefings, flagship think tank report, and academic papers to establish the reputation of CNSE in both academia and policy practice

Application Procedure:
Submit the following in English to (The title of the email should follow the format of ‘[PRS] Name_ Expertise_The Earliest Availability Date (e.g., July 1, 2016)’
? One-page statement of interest
? Resume
? Writing Sample
? Academic Transcripts (Chinese is acceptable)
? Letter of recommendation (optional)

Application Deadline: July 3, 2016

Center for New Structural Economics at Peking University
18 June 2016