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2015 Chinese Economy Forum Held at New York Stock Exchange




The 2015 Chinese Economy Forum was held on 7th July, 2015, at the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE).Famous Chinese economists who were invited to the forum shared their optimistic views and forecasts on reform and development prospects for the Chinese economy following the Third Plenum of the 18th Chinese Communist Party Congress.

Peking University’s National School of Development Honorary Dean Prof. Justin Lin spoke on “China’s Medium to Long-Term Economic Development Prospects Post Third Plenum”; State Council Counselor Tang Min spoke on “ Effects of Chinese Economic Reform on Medium to Long-term Growth”; Head of Peking University China Macroeconomic Research Center  Prof. Lu Feng spoke on “Analysis and Predictions for the Chinese Economy in 2015”; Chairman of Boyuan Foundation Qin Xiao spoke on “China’s Outbound Investment on a Global Scale; China International Capital Corporation Chief Strategy Officer Dr.Huang Haizhou spoke on Chinas Investment Market”;Peking Universitys National School of Development Vice Dean Huang Yiping spoke on Interest Rate Liberalization; Haitong Securities Chief Economist Hu Yifan spoke on “New Forecasting Techniques and Municipal Bonds”.Over 300 prominent figures from the Economic, Business and Media spheres came together to discuss these and other topics.


On 6th January, 2015, the China-US Economic Dialogue will take place in New York. The dialogue will discuss both countries’ internal economic policies and economic reform as well as the energy market, trade investment and other topics. From 8th- 9th January, the China representative team will visit Washington to meet with the National Security Council, Department of the Treasury, Department of Commerce, Department of State and the White House. During this time, they will discuss issues such as long-term Sino-American trade relations and China’s economic growth with US government representatives.

 During the dialogue, each side will offer their advice on policies. The Sino-American dialogue is co-organized by Peking University’s National School of Development/China Macroeconomic Center and the National Committee on United States-China relations and held alternately in New York and Beijing.