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The Peking University Dream Begins as BiMBA Sets Sail – 2014 MBA Opening Ceremony



There was once a song “Weiming Lake is an Ocean”. On 23 August, 2014, the 2014 MBA Class of BiMBA at Peking University officially "set sail" on this ocean. Though they came from different fields, from different lands with different personalities and interests, what they did have in common was one dream – the dream of Peking University, of BiMBA – the business school situated in Langrun Garden will be the new starting point for their careers.

Honorary Dean of National School of Development at Peking University: Seize Opportunities and Welcome Challenges


As the honorary dean of the National School of Development (“NSD”) at Peking Univesrity, Professor Justin Lin expressed his best wishes and welcomed the new MBA candidates to the school in person. He said the young of today are particularly fortunate, with more opportunities to pursue their own career paths. Currently, China’s strong economic environment has afforded MBA students plenty of room for career development. The strong faculty at the NSD can help MBA students better judge the latest political situation and to join the programme is to join a group of outstanding students – classmates can learn from each other and make a their own contribution to the Chinese Dream.

BiMBA Dean Zhang Li: Once BiMBA, Always BiMBA 


Dean Zhang Li believes BiMBA’s new MBA students have made a wise choice, as BiMBA has a unique advantage.  Firstly,  the NSD is difficult to be matched and impossible to be replaced in its position as Chinese development and economic think-tank. Secondly, BiMBA has a first-rate faculty. BiMBA alumni are spread throughout many countries, areas, industries and fields – joining BiMBA is joining one big family. Dean Zhang hopes new candidates will integrate well into the BiMBA network – Once BiMBA, Always BiMBA! 

Vlerick Business School Academic Dean Dirk Buyens: Vlerick Business School and NSD Educating Outstanding Students Together


In 2008, the National School of Development at Peking University and Vlerick Business School began their partnership, working together to create a favourable environment. Vlerick Academic Dean Professor Dirk Buyens also travelled all the way to take part in the opening ceremony and made a speech. He gave his warmest welcome and congratulations to the new students and introduced Vlerick Business School’s history and development.

BiMBA Co-Dean Professor John Yang: PKU’s Spirit, China’s Development, Responsibility to Society and a Global View 


Dean Yang pointed out that as Peking University currently has one of the most beautiful campuses, it can provide one of the best learning environments.   BiMBA has professors from across the world (China, the US, Europe etc.), famous professors from across fields who share with students many different viewpoints. BiMBA stands in a top position amongst business schools, whether it is in alumni satisfaction levels, earnings or other areas. Finally, Dean Yang encouraged students to study hard, think independently, to join personal development with China’s development and develop a global mind-set.   

BiMBA Director of Academic Committee Ma Hao: A Thirst for Knowledge, Looking Towards the Future 


Director of the Academic Committee, Professor Ma Hao once again confirmed that the latest BiMBA students had indeed made the correct choice. He put forward his hopes that the new students can make significant achievements, cherish their time at BiMBA, be dedicated and have a thirst for knowledge. He hoped that in 20 years many of the students sitting down would become CEOs of Fortune 500 companies.

In addition, NSD Academic Committee member, Strategic Management Associate Professor Lv Xiaohui, BiMBA Deputy Dean Wang Xin and BiMBA Academic Dean Du Guiying made speeches from the perspectives of course of study, the school service team and teaching management respectively.


NSD at Peking University Academic Committee Member & Strategic Management Associate Professor Lv Xiaohui


BiMBA Deputy Dean Wang Xin


BiMBA Academic Dean Du Guiying



Group Discussion: Five Questions on BiMBA Life


In a way, the question is more important than the answer. In the final part of the opening ceremony, Dean Yang asked five questions to the new students:

  1. What is your life’s mission?
  2. What is your career goal?
  3. What is your main aim for attending BiMBA?
  4. What is the biggest challenge you face at BiMBA?
  5. What is your action plan to overcome this challenge?


Each team and indeed each person had a different answer, but this is just the beginning, in the next two years they will have the chance to reflect on these questions and perhaps will come up with very different answers - let’s see what the future holds!

More Highlights:


Signing a name to begin a never-ending relationship with BiMBA


Whilst the student handbook was light, the friendly sentiments were strong!


Source: BiMBA at National School of Development, Peking University