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Professor Yu Miaojie Won the Second Liu Shibai Prize in Economics


Recently Professor Miaojie YU won the second Liu Shibai 2014 Award which is granted for his book “Processing Trade and Chinese Firm Productivity” (published by Peking University Press in 2013).

Liu Shibai Award in Economics was established jointly by the award committee of Professor Liu Shibai ( Honorary president to SWUFE-Southwestern University of Finance and Economics) and the SWUFE in 2012. It seeks to recognize highest-level academic research outcomes which have significant value-added both to the academia and to the real world. Such academic research outcomes are expected to enrich people’s understanding on the real world and bring relevant policy implication. This Prize is reviewed every one year. The selection is very competitive this year given that the committee received 94 applicants from 39 universities and 14 other research institutes in China.

Both Professor Lin Yifu, Honorary dean of NSD, and Professor Yao Yang, Dean of NSD offer praises for Professor Yu’s book when it was published in 2013:

Since economic took-off, China had many new phenomena in economic development which cannot be explained by existing theories. The Chinese economy itself is a gold mine of economics theory research and innovation. This book shows the author’s very effort of gold mining, it is worth reading and exploring by graduate students and any research scholars who really care about China’s trade and economic development.
           --Lin Yifu, Professor of National School of Development at Peking University; Former chief economist and senior vice President of the World Bank

Yu Miaojie is an outstanding young scholars in our school who is famous of his rigorous scholarship. This book contains his empirical study in the area of firm heterogeneity, processing trade, and Chinese firm productivity in recent years. His research findings are in international raze-edge, it is a valuable reference in the field of international trade.
       --Yao Yang, Dean and Professor of National School of Development, Peking University

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