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Peking University Center for Market and Network Economy


Peking University Center for Market and Network Economy, originally called Peking University e-Business Center, is a non-profit academic institution established in February 2000 and renamed in 2010 upon the approval of Peking University. The goal of the Center is to create an important base for the research of market and network economy in China and to make Peking University the center of China’s research and propagation in market and network economy.

Besides conducting research projects on its own initiatives, the Center is entrusted with academic study assignments by the Chinese government, domestic and foreign business communities and international organizations. Research outputs in recent years include Entrepreneurship and the Development of China, Study of Mixture Ownership, both were specific projects delegated by China Entrepreneur Forum. At the national level, the Center undertook the key project “Basic Theory and Methodology of E-government” granted by The National Natural Science Funds between 2006 and 2009, and won a high pass in the project assessment. The Center cooperated with the Ministry of Commerce for two consecutive years in producing the Report of E-commerce in China (2004-2005) and Report of E-commerce in China (2005-2006), which served as the major policy guidance in promoting the development of e-commerce by SMEs. Meanwhile, Study of E-government at Prefecture City level authorized by the State Informationization Advisory Committee has been an important policy supporting project for two years in a row. Report of the Development of Zhongguancun National Innovation Demonstration Zone, and the research project “Government Regulation and Internet e-Trust” supported by the State Administration of Industry and Commerce and its Beijing Bureau were both widely accepted by the society. All the above research findings have already been published officially.

While exploring the role and position of market and enterprises in transition economies, the Center also focuses on the significant changes and impacts imposed by the rapid development of network economy on the society and business models. Since 2003, the Center has undertaken a series of research projects for international companies like Microsoft (Economic Contribution of Microsoft to China), Cisco (Network Readiness of Chinese large-sized Companies),SAP (Ten Top Opportunities of Software Development in China), Alibaba (E-commerce and e-Trust in China)and Ebay (Network and e-Trust of e-Commerce firms), and has become one of the most authoritative academic body for the research of market and network economy.

Core members of the research team include Director Zhang Weiying, Deputy Director Shen Yi and Assistant Director Chen Yongwei, etc.