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NSD Chengze Building Groundbreaking Ceremony Held


On 24 October, 2015, Peking University’s National School of Development (“NSD”) Chengze Garden ground-breaking ceremony was held at the Chengze Garden construction site. Peking University Vice President Wang Yanglin, Peking University Director of Construction Mo Yuanbin, Formosa Plastics Managing Director Wang Ruiyu, NSD Honorary Dean Justin Lin Yifu, NSD Dean Yao Yang, NSD teaching staff, students and alumni representatives were all in attendance. In total there were close to 200 attendees. 

Dean Yao Yang presided over the ceremony. He said that the construction of Chengze Garden is a significant milestone in the history of the NSD; it is a cornerstone in its continued development and a new beginning for its future expansion.

In his speech, Wang Yanglin said that the NSD’s academic research and training is exceptional not only in Economics, Demographics and Management but also as China’s representative think-tank. The new Chengze building will be the catalyst for the School’s future expansion. Mr. Wang hopes that the NSD will continue to attract top talent,take a scientific approach to academia, retain an inquiring mind and take on its burden of history with a strong sense of national identity.

Wang Yanglin presents Formasa Plastics Group with the “Peking University Award for Remarkable Contribution to Education” on behalf of PKU

The construction of Chengze Garden could not be achieved without support from enterprise. Business tycoon Wang Yung-Ching donated USD 3 million to the restoration of Chengze Garden’s ancient buildings. Mr. Wang’s daughter, Ms. Wang Ruiyu, Formosa Plastics Group Managing Director, made a special trip to witness the ceremony. To recognize Formosa Plastics Group’s support, contribution and donation to the education industry, Wang Yanglin, on behalf of Peking University, presented the company with the “Peking University Award for Remarkable Contribution to Education”.

In his speech, Yidian Group Chairman and Peking University alumni Huo Bin expressed his thanks to Peking University professors on behalf of the students. He stated that, in a developing China and in his own transitional period of life, he was able to find his own path and follow his dreams during his studies at the NSD. He proposed that alumni from all industries keep the NSD as their spiritual home and make their own contribution to the new building.

In his closing speech, Prof. Justin Lin gave his thanks to the wonderful era that we live in – in the last 100 years, generations of China’s intelligentsia have each risen up and worked hard for the Chinese people. He said that he himself is a sixth generation intelligentsia in the road to China’s great revival and is perhaps the closest generation to the realization of China’s great revival – it is his great fortune to be part of this generation. Throughout, he has always been thankful for the NSD and other intelligentsia with similar ambitions whose hard work have created the ‘Chinese miracle’. He thanked China, Peking University and the business community for their support and regard for the NSD and urged everyone to remember the burden on their shoulders to make a true contribution to the age we live in.   

Groundbreaking Ceremony of NSD Chengze Garden Building

Finally, School leaders and guests, NSD staff, company representatives, alumni representatives and students took part in the groundbreaking to close the ceremony.